Planning Commission and Board of Commissioner Joint Work Session Overview

The Planning Department has received lots of questions today concerning the Joint Work Session of Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners.  These sessions are reviewing “ideas” not approvable plans.  This is an opportunity for Planning Commission members and elected officials to have a conversation with developers.  The session allows developers to understand what the Town wants to see, what they will support and what will be critical to achieving approval of their ideas.  It also gives the elected officials and Planning Commission members an opportunity to state they will not support an idea. 

Recently a large development relocated to another parcel because the Joint Work Session made it clear that the proposed idea did not fit with the vision of the Town.  When the developer leaves the Joint work session they have not received an official approval from the town.  They have simply gotten an understanding of what the Town will support or not support.  Developers must make an official submittal for complete review and complete the process through second reading at the Board of Commissioners before any entitlements are granted to the property. The public is given opportunity to speak for or against projects once the project is before the Planning Commission and again when the project goes before the Board of Commissioners.

If you have further questions on the process links for email are on the Town’s website on the Planning Department page.  You can also follow this link for further information on the process: Joint Work Session Overview.