Special Census

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Special Census

The Town of Nolensville is conducting a special census of all town residents to ensure we receive our fair share of State Shared Tax dollars. State Shared Taxes are distributed to municipalities across the State of Tennessee based on population. Currently the Town of Nolensville receives the State Shared Tax dollars based on the population from the last Census conducted in 2020.

The Town of Nolensville has experienced tremendous growth over the last several years and the next Federal Census will not be conducted until 2030. That means all of the funding the Town of Nolensville is eligible for will NOT come back to our community until 2031. An increase in our population will increase state funds allowing the Town to improve roads, parks (greenways & sidewalks), public safety, public works, recruit new businesses, industry and retail.

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Quick Facts
- This is a Town of Nolensville Special Census, not a Federal Census.
- The State of Tennessee provides revenue to municipalities based on their population. Due to Nolensville's growth, we believe the Town should get more revenue from the State.
- State share revenue received from the state goes to road infrastructure improvements, parks, etc....
- Whether you own a home or rent, every Town of Nolensville resident counts!
- All we need is the address and the first and last name of everyone residing in the household.
- Complete the online form or mail back the postage paid mailer as soon as you can. Staff and Volunteers will be counting all submissions until March 1, 2024.