Planning Department

The Planning Department provides guidance to help government officials, citizens, consultants,
and developers achieve successful development and character with the community. Staff is dedicated to ensuring the vision of the Land Use Plan is implemented and compliance occurs with all applicable codes.

Residential and Commercial Project Updates:
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Planning Department 2022-2023 Accomplishments

  • Adoption of new Zoning Ordinance in March 2023
  • Completed Major Thoroughfare Plan (MTP) amendment to add East/West Corridor – Alignment Option 1
  • Completed MTP reclassification – Industrial area road re-designation from Local Roads to Local Commercial industrial Roads
  • Goodall – Kidd Road Annexation, PD Rezone and Development Plan approval – 444 housing units including 12-acre park
  • Four Springs PD rezone and concept site plan approval – 288 housing units and 70-acre park
  • Westmoreland final PUD plan & preliminary plat approval – 202 housing units
  • McFarlin (Southern Land) Final PD Site Plan & Preliminary Plat Phase 1 – 139 housing units
  • Greenbrook South site plan approval – 78 housing units
  • Sinatra development final plat approved – 23 housing units
  • Pasadena development final plat approved – 42 housing units
  • Village Green PD final site plan and preliminary plat approval – New Publix grocery store & mixed use.
  • Annecy Phase 3A, 3B & 3C final plat approvals – 70 housing units
  • Goodall – Kidd Road final PD site plan and preliminary plats phases 1, 1A & 2 – 134 housing units

Town Planner
Adam Ray

Planning Assistant
Katie Walker