The Town Engineer’s duties include capital improvement project management, responding to requests and complaints dealing with the Town's roadways and drainage systems, and providing input to the planning staff and various boards on development proposals. Duties also include serving as the Town's Flood Plain Manager and MS4 Coordinator. 

Town Engineer

Don Swartz, PE

Don started working for the Town of Nolensville in 2000 as a building inspector and codes enforcement officer. He has served as the Town Engineer since 2008.  Don received his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Arizona. He is a registered Professional Engineer (Civil) in the State of Tennessee. He is also certified by the State of Tennessee Fire Marshall's office as a building inspector, plumbing inspector and gas/mechanical inspector.

GIS Coordinator

Joel Cook

As the GIS Coordinator, Joel is the coordinator for the Town's geographic information system (GIS) data for interdepartmental and public users. Joel is responsible for design, development and maintenance of maps, databases and workflows relating to the town's GIS data. He is also responsible for maintaining the public interface of spatial and non-spatial database design, maintenance, customizations, visualization, programming and mapping. Click here for a link to the Town of Nolensville interactive GIS map.

MS4 Inspector
Wayne Clark


The Town's MS4 inspector is responsible for overseeing the Town's MS4 construction site stormwater inspections; fielding citizen questions and concerns with stormwater issues; coordinating and working with various environmental groups for conservation efforts; and offering the Town Engineer direct support as needed. 

Engineering Department 2022-2023 Accomplishments

Public Improvements

  • Oversaw the installation of one pedestrian crosswalk with Rectangular Rapid Flashing Bacons
  • Oversaw the connection of public sidewalk from Nolen Park south connect to the south
  • Issued 7 road cut permits
  • Coordinated with TDOT to provide signalization of Nolensville Road at Williams/York Roads
  • Began preliminary design for: Widening Rocky Fork Road, Providing center turn lane on Nolensville Road through Nolensville, Adding right-turn lane on Nolensville Road at Sunset Road, Concept analysis of one-way pair through the Historic District 


  • Issued 9 mass grading permits
  • Oversaw inspections on 25 active construction sites
  • Brought the Town’s MS-4 mapping into compliance with State requirements


  • Created citizen Issue reporting tool for Town’s website
  • Created digital inventory of all roadway and sidewalk sections

Question About Utilities?
The Town of Nolensville does not provide water, electric, gas or sewer services.  Please contact the respective service below with your questions or concerns.

Gas Service - ATMOS Energy Corp - 888-286-6700
Electric Service - Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation877-777-9020
Water Service - Nolensville College Grove Utility District - 615-776-2511
Sewer Service - Metro Water Services - 615-862-4600
Utility Service Location - Tennessee 811 - (800) 351-1111

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