Building in Nolensville

Before I build I will need:

  1. State of Tennessee Contractor License
  2. Workman Comp. Ins
  3. 2 sets of 11 x 17 plans
  4. 2 copies of Plot Plans
  5. 2 copies of Erosion
  6. Proof that water tap fees have been paid
  7. Proof that sewer tap fees have been paid
  8. Commercial Plans Submittal Requirements
  9. Builders Bond
  10. Building Permit - Residential
  11. Building Permit - Commercial
  12. Plumbing Permit
  13. Mechanical Permit
  14. Sprinkler Permit
  15. Building Addition
  16. Deck Permit
  17. A New Business/Change of Use/Zoning Certificate

If you have any questions regarding building codes or permits in Nolensville town limits please reach out to our Building Codes Department.  Contact information can be found HERE.