Planned Development

The Purpose of the Planned Development is to allow for the use of flexible techniques of land development and site design by providing relief from zoning requirements designed for conventional development in order to obtain development that adheres to the goals of the Nolensville Comprehensive Plan. 

Step 1. Pre-application Meeting (Optional)
A pre-application meeting is advised but not required prior to submitting an application.  To set up a meeting please contact the Planning Department at 615.776.6693 or

Step 2. Joint Work Session
An application to present information at a Joint Work Session should be submitted to the Planning Department according to the submittal schedule for the Planning Commission (generally 4 weeks in advance).  Joint Work Sessions are only scheduled as needed and will occur generally at 5:30 pm on the same day as the scheduled Planning Commission meeting.  Not all Planned Developments must appear at a Joint Work Session.  The Work Session is for large projects or projects with significant changes to current entitlements.   An electronic copy on a thumbdrive should be submitted with the application for a Joint Work Session. (Concept plan check list) Applicants that fail to have all the elements of the concept plan checklist will not be allowed to present to the Joint Work session. Applicants should plan to make a 10 to 15 minute presentation explaining the project to the Board of Commissioners and Planning Commission.  Each member of the Joint Work Session will give the applicant feedback on the project.  There will be 5 to 10 minutes for the applicant to ask or answer questions at the end of the session. Applicants may present one time at the Joint Work Session and must proceed to full submittal 

Step 3. Application Submittal to the Planning Commission
Applications should be submitted according to the Submittal ScheduleFees are due upon submittal.  For a list of requirements see the  Planned Development Submittal Checklist. Submittals that do not include all requested information at the appropriate level of detail will not be placed on the Planning Commission agenda.  Applicant should ensure that the list has been adhered to completely.  

Step 4. Staff Review
Staff reviews the submittal for adherence to the Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Regulations and Major Thoroughfare Plan.  Comments are returned to the applicant according to the submittal schedule.  

Step 5. Resubmittal of Plans 
The applicant should resubmit their plans to the Planning Department according to the submittal schedule.  The plans should address each of the comments made by staff a written response should be included with the resubmittal. Failure to meet the resubmittal deadline requires a resubmittal at the deadline for the next Planning Commission meeting. Applicants resubmitting after a deferral must have plans in to the Planning Office 14 days prior to the next Planning Commission meeting.  

Step 6. Planning Commission
Planned District Development Plans will be placed on the agenda and the applicant will be allowed to make a presentation to the Commission.  The Planning Commission will review the plan and make a recommendation to the Board of Commissioners. 

If the Planning Commission recommends unfavorably to the Board of Commissioners the applicant may stop the process from moving forward and return to the Planning Commission with a plan that addresses the concerns raised by the Planning Commission. The applicant may also proceed to the Board of Commissioners and ask them to reject the recommendation of the Planning Commission.  

Step 7. Board of Commissioners
The Planned District Development Plan will go to the Board of Commissioners for review.  A staff report will travel with the Plan stating any concerns staff or the Planning Commission have with the development. The entitlements requested for the property will be placed in ordinance form and heard on first reading at the Board of Commissioners.  If passed, the Board will set a public hearing.  After the first reading the applicant should submit to the planning department an affidavit certifying that a notification letter was sent to adjoining property owners.  After the public hearing a second and final reading of the ordinance will occur.  The development plan will pass by resolution citing the ordinance at the same meeting of the final reading of the ordinance.  The entitlements will be tied to the plan proposed.  Upon passage of the ordinance and resolution the Development plan is approved 
Applicants should be prepared to present their project to the Board. 

Step 8.  Next Steps
Preliminary plats and site plans may be submitted to the Planning Commission for approval.  Plats and site plans may be submitted to be heard at the Planning Commission meeting that occurs in the same month of the Board of Commissioners approval.  All approvals will be conditioned upon the approval and effective date of the action taken by the Board of Commissioners.  If disapproved, refunds will not be available as the application fee covers the expense of review.