The Communications Officer is responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating communications on behalf of the Town of Nolensville. The department strives to establish and maintain effective working relationships between the citizens of Nolensville and town officials. Through comprehensive communication, the Communications Officer promotes a favorable public image for the Town of Nolensville. The Town of Nolensville utilizes our website and various social media platforms as a method of communication for the Town. Please give our pages a follow!

Facebook: @NolensvilleTenn

Twitter: @NolensvilleT

Instagram: @NolensvilleTenn

YouTube: Town of Nolensville

LinkedIn: @NolensvilleTenn

TikTok: @NolensvilleTenn

If an event is to take place within town limits that is not being held by the Town, please contact the Communications Department at

Communications Department 2021-2022 Accomplishments

  • Established the Communications Department for the Town of Nolensville 
  • Completed the Town of Nolensville rebranding initiative 
  • Expanded the Town of Nolensville social media presence to Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and LinkedIn
  • Completed the Basic Public Information Officer course and Joint Information System/Joint Information Planning course through Tennessee Emergency Management Agency
  • Assisted in grant funding and execution efforts towards the Town's Nolensville Nights Event