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Nolensville’s Town Hall staff is divided into various departments to provide the functions needed by the Town and its citizens.  The Mayor is the overall manager of the Town Hall staff and there are department heads with  management responsibilities in some cases and others solely responsible for the functions they cover.

Police Department
The Police Chief and his officers are responsible for the safety of the Town and its citizens, maintaining law and order, and assisting in emergencies on a 24/7 basis.

Nolensville does not have a full-time court but meets monthly for a Judge to hear and adjudicate the various traffic and municipal code violation cases before him.  The Municipal Court Clerk processes court and case; receives all costs, fees, fines, payments, and other moneys payable to the court; and provides assistance to the public in person and by phone.

Town Recorder
The Town Recorder is the official record keeper for the Town. Duties include recording and maintaining the Board's official actions in the minutes; coordinating and distributing the agendas; maintaining contracts, ordinances, resolutions, and agreements for Nolensville; and overseeing the adoptions and publishing of the Code of Ordinances and helps to ensure that all open record requests are in accordance to the Open Records Act.  

Finance Director
Finance Director works in all components of Nolensville’s financial accounting records. 

Public Works
The Public Works Department maintains the condition of right-of-way by mowing and litter pick up; replaces and installs street signs, banners and flags; repairs potholes; maintains Town Hall; and maintains and repairs city-owned vehicles and equipment, including police cars, utility vehicles and heavy equipment.

Town Engineer
The Town Engineer’s duties include capital improvement project management, responding to requests and complaints dealing with the Town's roadways and drainage systems, and providing input to the planning staff and various boards on development proposals.  

Building Official
The Building Official is responsible for enforcing the ICC and other related codes pertaining to Building, Mechanical, and Plumbing, including building plan reviews, code enforcement of the Nolensville Municipal Code and the Town’s Zoning Ordinance.  Additionally, the Building Official Assists Permit Specialist in issuing permits to commercial and residential builders.

Town Planner
The Town Planner deals primarily with guiding and implementing long range planning policies of the Town including site planning review, subdivision review, developing the zoning ordinance standards, amendments, and interpreting the ordinance as it relates to specific land use standards.  The Town Planner works jointly with the Town Engineer in implementing the subdivision regulations that regulate how land is divided and developed into new lots.

Town Attorney
The Town Attorney advises the Town’s boards and commissions on the law and legal impact of their decisions and handles lawsuits involving the Town.