Nolensville Fire & Rescue

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Mission Statement

“It is our mission, to enhance the quality of life for the residents of Nolensville through the effective and efficient delivery of fire and rescue services.”

About Us

We are a small fire department that serves the Town of Nolensville and parts of the unincorporated areas around the town in Williamson County. We respond to a wide range of emergencies including fires, medical, vehicle collisions, and to an extent some technical rescues. Outside of our emergency response we also perform other community services such as car seat installations, smoke detector checks, sprinkler system checks, and other public education. We also conduct fire prevention inspections and enforce life and safety fire codes.

Truck State Capital

Nolensville Fire & Rescue 2021-2022 Accomplishments

  • Purchased two parcels for fire station construction
  • Started providing service as the first Town fire department on July 1, 2021
  • Made design and enhancement changes and purchased a new fire engine
  • Completed programming and schematic design for first fire station
  • Conducted fire inspections of all new construction
  • Flowed and maintained every fire hydrant in Town limits
  • Upgraded EMS response to Advanced Emergency Medical Technician level

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