Sunset Road Widening Project Status Update

Wednesday, April 22, 2020
Sunset Road Widening Project Status

ATMOS Gas will on-site Monday, April 27,2020 to begin the relocation of the gas line. This will allow Jarrett Builders to complete the trail just east of Bennington Place.
Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Sunset Road widening project status:,

1)The section of multi-use trail from Bennington Place to the east has been held up due top unforeseen utility conflicts. There is a water main that is higher in elevation than was indicated. This resulted in a redesign of the drainage system from Bennington Place. This redesign resulted in a conflict with a high pressure gas line that requires the relocation of the gas line by ATMOS Gas. They have informed us that they are working with curtailed crews during the virus outbreak. As soon as they resume work and relocate the gas line, the Town’s contractor, Jarrett Builders, will complete the trail.

2) The Town is working with Jarrett and the design team with Ragan Smith & Associates to resolve the poor asphalt surface on Sunset Road. Two solutions have been identified and are being discussed. Both of these solutions involve the removal of some of the current asphalt and resurfacing the roadway.

3) There are also a number of minor issues that will be identified and discussed during a punch-list inspection later this week.

Following the completion of the asphalt remediation, thermo-plastic roadway markings will be installed including all lane lines and crosswalk markings.