Submit a Public Comment

Your comments are always welcomed and encouraged. 

Comments may be sent to the Planning Commission email at  When commenting on a particular project, staff suggest including the project name as referenced on the agenda. If you are a resident of Nolensville, it is helpful for you to provide the address or neighborhood where you reside. 

Speaking In Person
Planning Commission meetings are held in the auditorium on the first floor of Town Hall (7218 Nolensville Road). Agenda, time, and location of meetings can be found on the agenda webpage.  A sign up sheet is placed on the podium prior to each public meeting where public comment is allowed.  Those who wish to speak should place their name on the list.  Each speaker is allotted three minutes by the Planning Commission. Staff suggest speakers use the following format when speaking before either Planning Commission:

My name is [Your Name]  and I live at [Your Address].  
I am speaking in [SUPPORT or OPPOSITION] to [Project Name as titled on the agenda].  
[Provide commentary]