Application User's Guide

Please disregard all information contained within. The Zoning Ordinance has been updated. Please see Article 8 for Sketch Development Plans and Site Development Plans. See article 7 for Permanent Sign Plans. This webpage will be updated accordingly. Staff strongly recommends scheduling a Pre-Application Meeting before submittal.

The application review process depends on the type of application. This guide has been developed to help applicants understand the various applications and their processes. The submittal and procedural requirements for each type of application is provided in an easy-to-follow format. Most projects will need to coordinate the needs of the Engineering Department along with those outlined here. Utilities are not provided by the Town of Nolensville.  Water is provided by the Nolensville College Grove Utility District and Sewer by Metropolitan Nashville. 

Application Requirements and Procedures
Preliminary Plat
Final Plat
Conditional Use Permit
Site Development Plan
Site Development Plan Amendment
Historic Zoning Certificate of Appropriateness  (pdf file)
Appeal of Administrative Decision
Planned District
Sidewalk in lieu application
Home Occupations

Temporary Use
New Business or Change of Use for Existing Building Application (pdf file)
Zoning Certification Letter

Schedules and Fees
Planning Commission Schedule

Board of Zoning Appeals Schedule

Historic Zoning Commission Schedule
Application and Impact Fees Chart