Chief of Police

Troy Huffines 

Chief's Message

Troy Huffines, Chief of Police

I am deeply grateful and honored to serve the community and Town of Nolensville in the role of Police Chief. I will continue to demand that as our Town grows that our department continues to evolve and develop as a professional police department with high expectations, professional development, accountability, and superior customer service delivery to our community members. We will continually seek to improve the service delivery to our community and strive to continue with the values of our ever evolving town.

As we strive to have more community involvement and partnership I ask each of you to please assist us in being alert and aware of your surroundings and community. If you see something or have issues and concerns it is imperative for each community member to communicate with the police department to allow us to be aware of these concerns so that a proper strategy can be formulated to address issues as they arise.

I also ask each stakeholder and community member to share in the continual safety of our Town by being diligent in driving and ensuring that each person takes responsibility in safe driving practices to reduce collisions and injuries due to unsafe driving habits. I also ask that parents and family members set a positive example to our young children and teens as they prepare to be future leaders and productive members of our community.

As the town continues to grow and we continue to experience the pains of growth and expansion I ask that our business members and community members come together to develop and foster Community Watch Programs and Business Watch Programs to recognize and report potential criminal activity. Having extra eyes and ears on the street allow for our community members to have an active and key role in assisting our department with deterrence of potential criminal activity which in turn assists in reducing potential problems and issues from getting out of hand. We can no longer take for granted our personal safety or the safety of our property. We must all be diligent in keeping an eye out for one another to keep our community safe and to continue the way of life that residents of the Town of Nolensville value.

Thank you for your assistance in being a good witness and steward of our community.


Troy Huffines
Chief of Police

Nolensville Police Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Nolensville Police Department is to serve our community and to work in partnership with our community to protect life and property,  to solve community problems, and to enhance and preserve the quality of life in our Town.

For Emergencies Call  (911)

Name Number
Police - For non emergency police response (615) 776-3640
Police - Office (Monday-Friday -- 8am-4pm) (615) 776-6685
Police - Fax (615) 776-3636
Police - Records (obtain copies of reports) (615) 776-6690
Nolensville Volunteer Fire Department (615) 776-5050
Poison Control (615) 288-9999
Ambulance (615) 794-2800
Animal Control (615) 790-5590
Crime Stoppers of Williamson County (615) 794-4000
Sheriff Dispatcher (615) 790-5550

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