Reserve Police Officer Unit

The Nolensville Police Department Reserve Division is composed of civic-minded community members who volunteer their time in service to the citizens of Nolensville. Reserve officers perform many roles which are often fulfilled by paid, full time peace officers. Our reserve police officers are subject to the same stringent hiring and qualification standards as full time officers and carry the same law enforcement powers as full time peace officers.
Many highly experienced and tenured law enforcement officers who have worked at previous municipalities are now sworn members of the Nolensville Police Department Reserve Division. Aside from police work, our members are also airplane pilots, business owners, corporate employees, retirees, and more. Our division's goal is to devote our time and talents to the citizens of Nolensville, serving a purpose for the betterment of our community.
All Nolensville reserve officers work alongside full time officers. You will see us on patrol, at community events, parades, demonstrations, and at any other activity at which you would see a police officer. The uniform, badge, and commission are identical to our full time counterparts, and the Reserve Division are an integral part of our community policing plan.


L to R: Joe Buhagiar, Mike Sloan, Sgt. Ali Hemyari, Rob Hays, Nick Wolkonsky, Guy Bates