Blasting Complaint Procedures

Blasting is regulated by the State Fire Marshal. If you have damage, please call that office and make a report. The number is 615-741-7190. Blasting standards are set forth by the Tennessee Blasting Standards Act, which can be found in Tennessee Code Annotated § 68-105-101 et seq. TCA § 68-105-110 specifically restricts municipalities from enforcing any standards over and above those established in the Tennessee Blasting Standards Act.

Per the Town’s noise ordinance, construction activity is permitted Monday through Saturday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm or dark, whichever occurs first. Rules on Sundays are the same except that activity may not begin until 9:00 am. If you notice construction activity outside of these time frames, please do not hesitate to call the Police Department. Please click this link for Blasting Complaint Procedures