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The Town Events Committee is comprised of community volunteers. Its mission is to develop and execute events to benefit the community of Nolensville and its residents. The main project of this committee is the annual Fourth of July Celebration, which includes live music, food, fellowship and fireworks. In addition, this committee is responsible for the Veterans Day Celebration on the Saturday before Veterans Day. This event honors Nolensville men and women who have served our country and culminates with a parade through Town. A spring event such as an Antique and Classic Car Show may be offered, depending on the interest of the committee members.

This committee typically meets monthly at Town Hall in Room 2B from 6:30-8:00 pm.  The dates for 2020 are January 6, 2020, February 3, 2020, March 9, 2020, April 6, 2020, May 11, 2020, June 8, 2020, June 22, 2020, August 10, 2020, September 14, 2020 and October 5, 2020.  Special meetings may be called prior to events.  Please email for more information. Town Events Committee may also be reached by phone at 615-776-6696.


Title Name
  Nona Clark
  Rick Clark
  Toni Crosby
  Jason Hale
  Anna Hill
  Elmer Hill
  Trey Hood
Co-Chair Suzanne Honeycutt
  Ann Landon
  Mark Landon
  Stacey Norris
Co-Chair Eric Williams
  Evan Wise