Road Improvement Plans & Documents

The following documents detail the planning and funding tools currently in place in the Town of Nolensville to address much needed road improvements and transportation within the Town limits. 

The first major road improvement project--Sunset Road--is currently underway. 

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Planning Tool:  Major Thoroughfare Plan—Last update 2016

The purpose of this Major Thoroughfare Plan (MTP) is to provide a tool for the Town of Nolensville that helps in the decision making process resulting in informed decisions relative to transportation improvements. Along with providing the Town with an analysis of existing traffic conditions for 2016, this MTP also provides an assessment of expected traffic conditions for the year 2040 based upon anticipated growth within the region, the Town, and the resulting increases in traffic, as projected by the Nashville Area MPO travel demand model.

Click here for the Major Thoroughfare Plan amended 11/14/17

Click here for the Major Thoroughfare Plan project list, amended 11/14/17

Click here for the Major Thoroughfare Plan map, amended 11/14/17

Funding Tool:  Road Impact Fee Study—Updated 2017

Some of the most costly impacts of new development are on the major road system. A road impact fee helps to ensure that new development “pays its way” for its impact on major roads. At the same time, road impact fees rationalize the process of ad hoc, negotiated exactions and “level the playing field” by treating all developers in a fair and predictable manner.

The purpose of this study is to update the impact fees that the Town of Nolensville charges for road improvements needed to accommodate future residential and nonresidential development. These fees were originally adopted in 2007, and a partial update that did not include a revised transportation plan was adopted in 2013. This study, based on Town’s recently-adopted Major Thoroughfare Plan, represents the first comprehensive update of the fees in ten years.

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Funding Tool:  Updated Road Impact Fees—Updated 2017

(Link to Ordinance)

Funding Tool:  Special Census

The State of Tennessee distributes various tax proceeds to cities and towns based on certified population.  Due to the tremendous growth the Town of Nolensville is experiencing, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen called for a special census to be conducted in the 2017 – 2018 fiscal year. 

The census determined that the Town of Nolensville has now has a population of 11,097, which is 3,161 more residents than were counted during the 2015 - 2016 special census.

Planning Tool:  Comprehensive Plan

A Comprehensive Plan is a general planning document that connects other elements of the Town’s long-range planning projects, including the Land Use Policy Plan, Major Thoroughfare Plan, Multi-Use Path and Greenway Plan, and Capital Improvement Plan. 

Click here for the Comprehensive Plan
Click here for an explanation of the Comp Plan


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