Nolensville special census approved by the State of Tennessee


NOLENSVILLE – (June 10, 2024) Last week at the monthly Board of Commissioners meeting, Nolensville Town Manager Victor Lay announced that the Town’s special census had been approved by the State of Tennessee. Effective on July 1, 2024, Nolensville will be eligible for its state shared revenues for the newly approved population of 16,836 residents.

The special census launched in October of 2023 to gain a more accurate count of the number of residents in the town to ensure Nolensville received its full state shared revenues. With the tremendous amount of growth within town limits, the need for this project was great.

“A special census is a significant effort in time and resources. I am very pleased to see that our residents engaged in such an overwhelming fashion to make this endeavor so worthwhile,” said Town Manager, Victor Lay.

February 29th, 2023 marked the completion of the special census, with initial results showing a 21% population increase for Nolensville since the last federal census in 2020.

On March 1st, special census paperwork was submitted by the Town of Nolensville to GNRC and throughout April and May, the GNRC teams worked with Nolensville staff to verify the project information before submitting it to the State of Tennessee for final approval.

On May 15th, the paperwork was sent to the State of Tennessee on behalf of the Town of Nolensville, and within a few weeks, it had been approved.

Nolensville could receive an additional $500,000 a year in state shared revenues just from the additional residents counted in this special census. In total, that means more than $3,000,000 will go back to Nolensville by 2030 because of this project alone. These additional state shared dollars will benefit the town through increased services and/or upgraded projects.

“This project was a significant undertaking for the Town of Nolensville and its residents. It would not have been a success without the numerous individuals who helped get information out and volunteered throughout the project. To the residents who participated in the census and those who helped educate their neighbors on its importance, thank you for helping to make an impact in Nolensville,” said Public Information Officer Brandi Najm..