Crosswalk Safety Update

Over the next few days, yield bars will be marked on three intersections on Rocky Fork Road to help with crosswalk safety. The three locations are:
Rocky Fork Road at Burberry Glen
Rocky Fork Road in front of Nolensville Elementary School
Rocky Fork Road at Whittmore
Yield bars inform drivers when to stop or yield when approaching an intersection.
In addition to yield bars, raised traverse rumble strips will be installed on Rocky Fork Road in the following locations:
Westbound just east of Burberry Glen/Nolenmeade
Eastbound just west of the Nolensville Elementary School Crosswalk
Raised traverse rumble strips are a road safety feature that creates noise and vibration for the driver when the vehicle tires contact the raised markers. This is a safe and effective way to adjust traffic flow while protecting drivers and pedestrians in the area.
We are committed to the overall safety of Nolensville and will continue to take the appropriate steps to ensure pedestrian and crosswalk safety.
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