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Minutes Archive

1998-03 Nolensville/Metro Water
6:30 TUESDAY, MARCH 31, 1998

Those present with Metro Water and Sewer were Lynn Deal, Jim Tarpy, Bob Wingo, and Cyrus Toosi. Frank Wilson, Rick Owens, Orville Norton, Joe Rositano, Rob Pease, Larry Felts representing the Planning Commission. Others in attendance were Alderman Henry, Alderman Dugger, Mayor Knapper, Recorder Lancaster, Jim Finley, Mike Delvizis and associate and six citizens.

Mr. Jim Tarpy introduced his staff and Mr. Wingo began the slide presentation. He discussed the current sewer system and the area that currently does not have sewer at this time.

There was discussion on the projected population in Nolensville. Thirty units are remaining and the Nolensville Plant will be at total capacity. They projected with an average increased growth rate the need could be possibly 200 units per year.

Mr. Wingo went over the options of improving the system versus a trunk sewer construction.

Mr. Wingo then opened the meeting for questions. The Mayor asked him to review the cost on page 6. After explanation he stated that there would be $1,000 basin fee and $1,500 tap fee. A total of $2,500. This would be the charge for an individual to be connected to sewer.

Mr. Rositano asked if Nolensville would be represented in issues such as rates. Mr. Tarpy stated rates were controlled by Metro Council. Mr. Rositano asked that an avenue be reviewed so that other entities would have a voice. Mr. Tarpy stated this was being reviewed.

It was asked how Nolensville would benefit from sewer. It was noted that the tax base would increase. Sewer would also be beneficial for health purposes. It was noted that the sewer was at capacity. Alderman Henry noted that there are businesses that are on septic and are having trouble with their tanks. Once this becomes unrepairable there is no where for them to turn.

Mr. Hindman asked if the main trunk could be brought in by increments. The answer was yes.

It was asked if a step system was comprised for a development and it failed, who would be ultimately responsible? Metro stated that the entity that approved the sewer system would be responsible. The Health Department through the county has to approve this type of system.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Approved,

Cindy Lancaster, Charles F. Knapper,

Town Recorder Mayor