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Minutes Archive

1998-12 Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
DECEMBER 10, 1998, 7 PM

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 by Chairman Rob Pease with the following staff and planning commissioners present: Mayor Charles Knapper, Jim Finley, Yvonne McCurley, Mike Wood, Rob Pease, Orville Norton, Joe Rositano, Frank Wilson, Larry Felts. Applicants present were Bob Phillips and Joe Petroski with Castle Builders and Rev. Larry Guin, Paul Campbell and Phil Jones representing Jenkins Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

Prayer was led by Rev. Larry Guin with the Pledge of Allegiance following.

Item # 4 on the agenda: Minutes from November meeting were passed unanimously with an abstention by Joe Rositano after a motion was made by Charles Knapper and seconded by Larry Felts.

Item # 5 to adopt a Major Road Plan was deferred until Mike Wood could join the meeting.

Item #6 application for Final Site Plan approval by Jenkins Cumberland Presbyterian Church was reviewed. Paul Campbell mentioned that the new addition will resemble the existing building as much as possible. Motion to approve was made by Frank Wilson and seconded by Larry Felts. Passed unanimously.

Mike Wood entered the meeting and a public hearing was called to order at 7:09. Mike explained that the map he was showing had been derived from the Town’s Comprehensive Plan. A motion was by Frank Wilson, seconded by Joe Rositano to approve the Major Road Plan with the following changes: Cemetary road should be Clovercroft Road and Sam Donald should be shown ending on the east at King Street.. The motion passed unanimously. Public hearing was closed at 7:15.

Item # 7 Final Plat Approval for Castle Builders for Stonebrook Section 13C was discussed. Joe Petroski satisfactorily explained the comments given to the applicant on 11-25-98. The critical lots were discussed. The “reserve parcel” was discussed. A motion was made by Joe Rositano, seconded by Frank Wilson to approve with the condition that the reserve parcel be eliminated and distributed to lots 1334 or 1336, or a combination of the two. This motion passed unanimously.

Item # 8, a presentation by Bob Phillips, was deferred until next month due to an inability to obtain data on sewer taps on the land he wishes to purchases for his development. The land cannot be sold until sewer taps are established therefore Bob Phillips could not make the presentation at this time.

Item # 9, a handout from the Board of Aldermen on suggested changes to the Zoning Ordinance was discussed. The following items were favorably recommended by a unanimous vote when a motion was made by Joe Rositano, seconded by Larry Felts: Items # 7,8,9, 5D. All other items were unfavorably recommended by the same motion.

Items #10 &11 were deferred until January meeting when a motion to adjourn was made by Larry Felts and seconded by Joe Rositano. The motion passed unanimously and the meeting adjourned at 8:44 p.m.

These minutes submitted by Yvonne McCurley.

Approved on _____________19_____. Signed _____________________________
Franklin D. Wilson, Secretary
1998-11 Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
NOVEMBER 13, 1998

The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Rob Pease at 7:03 p.m.

The pledge and prayer was led by Rob Pease.

Those in attendance were: Rob Pease, Joe Rositano, Charles Knapper, Lester Hitt, Frank Wilson, Larry Felts, Orville Norton, Yvonne McCurley, Mike Wood, Mike Delvizis.

The minutes from the October 13, 1998 meeting were passed unanimously after a motion was made by Larry Felts followed with a second by Frank Wilson.

The minutes from October 29, 1998 were approved by unanimous vote. Motion was made by Charles Knapper and seconded by Larry Felts.

It was decided to defer Jim Hindman’s speech until later in the meeting. He was expected to arrive soon.

The next item on the agenda was to approve a Major Road Plan. However, Mike Wood noted that a public hearing must be held before it could be adopted. Charles Knapper made a motion that recommended putting this item on the next agenda after publicizing it in the paper. This motion passed unanimously after being seconded by Joe Rositano.

There was a handout from Aldermen Henry distributed to the Planning Commission regarding suggested changes to the newly adopted Zoning Ordinance. This item was not on the agenda but Chairman Rob Pease made mention of it by posing a question to Jim Finley, “Do you have any comments about the handout from Alderman Henry?” Jim Finley answered, “No, I do not.” The handout was not looked over.

Item number 8: The zoning map was already adopted and didn’t need to be on agenda.

Item number 9: Changes to the Sub Regs are noted in each person’s copy and will be voted on at one time when all the changes are completed. Rob Pease gave a handout with the changes he is suggesting.

7:46 Jim Hindman arrived with Rick Fisher. Frank Wilson suggested that the planning commission hear Mr. Hindman at this time. Jim Hindman explained the purpose and challenges presented to the Nolensville Growth Planning Committee and assured the Planning Commission that the Town’s best interest was being evaluated by the committee. At this point NGPC is collecting data in order to educate themselves in being able to responsibly project the impact of external growth and the effects it may have on Nolensville. He stated that in no way would NGPC go against the Planning Commission in any endeavor but that they would work together in cooperation with one another. Discussion was brought forward about re-visiting the Town’s Comprehensive Plan now that we have a Growth Planning Committee doing such extensive studies in gathering such valuable data. Mayor Knapper says that Planning Commission will have input at public hearing before NGPC makes their recommendation to Mayor and Board of Aldermen or to the county. Planning Commission members commended the NGPC for their gracious efforts so far. Planning Commission agreed that they need to look at expanding Nolensville for our own protection. Jim Hindman answered questions and there was more discussion about Growth Planning.

A break was taken from 8:45-8:55 p.m.

Revision to the Sub Regs resumed again.

Charles Knapper moved for adjournment at 9:30 p.m. Joe Rositano seconded and the meeting adjourned with a unanimous vote at that time.

Submitted by Yvonne McCurley Approved on ____________1998
_________________________ ________________________
Franklin D. Wilson, secretary
1998-10 Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
OCTOBER 28, 1998

Vice-Chairman, Larry Felts called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. with the following people present: Mayor Knapper, Joe Rositano, Frank Wilson, Lester Hitt, Jim Finley, Mike Delvizis, Mike Wood. Orville Norton arrived at 7:04 and Rob Pease arrived at 7:10.

The following applicants representatives were present:
Phil Jones, Dick King, Steve Clifton.

The preliminary plat application for McFarlin Woods sections 4, 5, and 6 was discussed. Mike Delvizis commented on the application and recommended approval with conditions.

A motion was made by Joe Rositano, seconded by Larry Felts to approve with the following conditions:
1. Pump station driveway to be paved
2. Landscaping to be as shown on the plans
3. A letter from Metro stating that an easement for the pump station is sufficient and stating who will maintain the pump station
Motion passed unanimously.

Larry Felts asked about Codes Enforcement and commented on speeding thru the subdivision and on Nolensville Rd.
Mayor Knapper replied to these concerns.
Mayor Knapper also commented on the Growth Advisory Committee.

A motion was made by Frank Wilson, seconded by Joe Rositano to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40.

These minutes were submitted by Jim Finley.

Approved ________________,1998. Signed________________________
Franklin D. Wilson
1998-10 Planning Commission Rescheduled Meeting Minutes
OCTOBER 13, 1998 7 P.M.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Rob Pease at 7 :07 p.m. with the following people present: Orville Norton, Paula Auerbach, Larry Felts, Evelyn Bennett, Frank Wilson, Rick Owens, Mike Wood, Jim Finley, Mike Delvizis. Orville Norton was standing in for Yvonne McCurley in taking the minutes until a family issue could be resolved.

Prayer was led by Frank Wilson

Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Minutes from September meetings were reviewed. A motion was made by Frank Wilson and seconded by Evelyn Bennett to adopt the minutes for September 10, 1998. Motion passed unanimously.

Changes to the September 15, 1998 meeting were made to correct typos. Motion by Larry Felts was made to adopt the minutes for September 15th with the changes. Seconded by Evelyn Bennett. Motion passed unanimously.

Minutes from September 24, 1998 public hearing were adopted with a motion made by Frank Wilson and a second by Larry Felts. Passed unanimously.

There were no announcements.

Review of the Preliminary Plat by McFarlin Woods Section 4, 5, and 6 was postponed until later in the meeting due to lack of representation by the applicant and lack of corrected plans being submitted to the town engineer by the date of this meeting. The thinking at this time is that the applicant may arrive later on in the meeting. However, a motion was made by Orville Norton to require from now on that the applicant be present at the planning commission meeting in order for any action other than a deferral to be taken on any preliminary plat or final plat. Second was made by Paula Auerbach. The motion passed unanimously.

By-laws were changed to read that the number of planning commission members would now be 7 rather than 9 and that a quorum will now be four in stead of five. Motion was made by Orville Norton to approve the changes. Second by Frank Wilson. Passed unanimously.

Joe Rositano and Yvonne McCurley joined the meeting at 7:20 p.m.

A review of Subdivision Regulations was made on Sections 1-4. Each person made the changes in their personal copy of the Sub Regs. The changes will be made all at once and presented as an entire document at a later date.

Yvonne McCurley will contact town counsel Bob Notestine to ask questions about deferring an action. (Section III-4, 8 and 9f.) and bonding requirements in III-9i and Section IV as it relates to securing performance bonds.

Mike Delvizis will check on road surfaces and time limits concerning when top surface must be laid. We want to limit the town’s liability to maintain the roads until 80% build out is reached.

We will start with Section V at the next planning commission meeting to revise the sub regs.

A motion was made by Frank Wilson to defer any action on the preliminary plat submitted by McFarlin Woods at this meeting due to lack of representation by the applicant and the Town not having in hand the revisions to the preliminary plans as were requested by fax on Sept 25, 1998. Paula Auerbach seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Mike Delvizis asked Yvonne McCurley to contact the applicant to tell them to get the changes on the preliminary plat to town hall before the next meeting.

Motion to adjourn was made by Paula Auerbach. Second by Larry Felts. Meeting adjourned at 9:22 p.m.

Meeting reconvened at 9:42 p.m. with the following people present: Joe Rositano, Paula Auerbach, Orville Norton, Rob Pease, Larry Felts, Rick Owens and Evelyn Bennett,
Resolution 98- ? a Resolution adopting a plan of service for the annexation of certain areas by the Town of Nolensville, Tennessee was discussed. A motion was made by Larry Felts to favorably recommend to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen, the plan of service of this resolution with the addition of the following sentence under G. Street Lighting: “Street lighting to be provided in accordance with the street lighting policies of the town.” The motion was seconded by Paula Auerbach. The motion passed unanimously. Paula Auerbach made a motion to adjourn. Larry Felts seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 9:56 p.m.

Submitted by Yvonne McCurley with assistance from Orville Norton and a tape recording of the meeting.

Signed ______________________________ Date ______________________
Franklin D. Wilson, secretary
1998-10 Planning Commission Public Hearing
SEPTEMBER 24, 1998

The meeting began at 7:05 p.m. as Chairman, Rob Pease called the quorum to order. Those present were Rob Pease, Joe Rositano, Larry Felts, Tommy Dugger, Orville Norton, Frank Wilson, Mayor Charles Knapper, Jim Finley, Alderman Henry, Yvonne McCurley, Mike Wood, Mike Delvizis, and Terrance Demerest.

Discussion about what needs to be done or placed on the next Planning Commission agenda was brought forth and included 1.) Proposal of services to the proposed annexed areas, 2.) Preliminary Plat, 3.) By-Laws changes, 4.) Copy of Sub Regs to each new Planning Commission member.

Mayor Charles Knapper mentioned that he had met with Clint Callicott on the proposed annexation and Clint felt that it would not be an offense to the surrounding cities for Nolensville to go ahead and acquire the land in a friendly manner.

Jim Finley made suggestions on changes that need to be made to the Zoning Ordinance. They are as follows:

11.1.2 the date needs to appear where is says “dated”.
11.2.1 B Strike the second sentence. Strike the word “minor” in the third sentence.
11.3.2 Should be BZA not Planning Commission in the last sentence.
12.4.2 change two (2) to four (4).

Alderman Henry made the following suggestions:

2.2.5 Strike “is limited to the historic…,and it” from the first sentence
2.3.2 last sentence of B is missing as well as C and D.
3.2.5 All references to street should be road.
3.2.6 A should now read: “Minimum campus size shall be based on State/County Standards or on the total enrollment capacity of the following table, whichever is the more restrictive.”
3.3.7 B. adjust spacing. After much discussion, no other changes were made.
4.2.4 I In the first sentence change “material” to “screening”.
4.5.1 In first sentence, add front-loaded after area, and before garages. Also, add front before facade.
6.2.2 discussion of how close street trees should be to the road resulted in Mr. Henry withdrawing his suggestion to make any change.
6.6.1 Remove cottonwood tree from the list of recommended canopy trees.
9.2.1 N change “bronze” to “permanent metallic or masonry”
9.3.1 F Discussion about whether a time and temperature sign on a bank is a sign or not and whether or not it should be allowed went on for several minutes. The decision from that discussion resulted in making no change.
9.4.4 A Alderman Henry did not believe that “compatible” was the best word to use in this sentence. Mayor Knapper suggested “homogeneous” but there was too much controversy over the word. The Commission decided to just strike letter A and re-number the rest.
9.4.5 B shall read “Signs shall not have mirrored backgrounds.”
9.5.1 A remove “and information” in first sentence. In third sentence stirke “the right-of-way” and add “a recorded sign easement”. Strike sentence five.
9.5.2 strike “large” in first sentence.
9.5.3 First sentence strike “by more than 100 percent” and add “area of ” before “sign face”.
9.7.2 number one. Strike banners and add those.
9.7.3 number 4. Second sentence change and to are. Add “from” between “premises and Friday”.
9.7.4 E In the first sentence, strike “when 90 percent or….building is”
9.7.4 F Change growing to marketing.
9.7.5 C change 30 days to 45 days.
10.2.5 D First sentence: area should be areas. Second sentence: attaches should be attached. Last sentence areas should be uses
10.4.1 Strike
10.4.2 Add “visible emission” should be added to the title.

Frank Wilson made these suggestions:

1.4.2 number 7 under Road. Leave as it is.

At 9:20 p.m. a break was called.

The meeting was re-called to order at 9:32 p.m.

Counsel Bob Notestine’s written comments were reviewed. The changes are:

3.4.3 Strike the first two sentences.
4.1.7 In the first sentence, add “and ER base zone” after industrial zones.
5.1.2 Strike “by altering…..features”. Add “through the acquisition of additional lands.”
11.4.4 Change bases to basis.

Meeting adjourned at 9:52 p.m.
1998-09 Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
SEPTEMBER 15, 1998
Chairman, Rob Pease called the meeting to order at 6:52 p.m. with the following people present: Joe Rositano, Orivlle norton, Frank Wilson, Evelyn Bennett, Larry Felts, Yvonne McCurley, Jim Finley, Mike Delvizis and Mayor Knapper
A review was made of the handout from Jim Finley. The decision was made to strike out the first line (#1) and add in it’s place: “Home Occupation shall not be identified by the display of goods or signs on the lot on which it is located.”
The following changes were made to the Zoning Ordinance:
6.1.1 A change title to read: Location of “existing trees”
6.1.1 A.1 will be move to the Sub Regs later
6.1.3.B correct spacing to adjust to format style
6.1.3C.3 At the end of the first sentence add “within tow (2) years of issuance of Certificate of Occupancy”
6.2.1. A Add “completely” between shall be and screened from in the first sentence. Strike “unless the service opening is oriented away from public streets or adjacent residential properties.
6.4.2 A Add “or approved equal” at the end of the last sentence.
6.4.2 C After last sentence add: “loading and unloading for pedestrians, and servicing shall be exempt from this requirement.
6.4.2 B Add “all landscape strips shall be back-filled with topsoil to a minimum depth of six (6) inches.” as a last sentence.
6.4.3 D remove the red line strikeout “canopy” in last sentence. Add “or approved equal” at the end of the last sentence.
6.4.3 F should read the same as 6.4.2.D
6.5.2.A At the end of the last sentence add “Where significant existing trees and shrubs are to remain, buffer yard requirements may be reduced at the discretion of the Planning Commission if the intent of this article is met.”
6.5.5 Change B to A on chart where ER and SR meet.
In all of Article 7, check for duplication of definitions to make sure they are consistent with article 1.
7.5.1.M.1 Adjust tab to be consistent with #2.
8.3.3.A Strike “at higher volumes”
8.3.3.C At the end of first sentence add “or other methodologies approved by the Town.”
Re-number entire Article 8.
8.3.3.E Strike section and input to read: “It is the responsibility of the developer to maintain all improvements until such time as maintenance is assumed by the Home Owners Association Covenants, through a maintenance agreement, or other document acceptable to Town.
8.3.4 A Add sentence at the end: “The developer shall have as-build survey drawings provided of all detention facilities.”
9.3.1.E Change reference to 9.7.2
Strike number one of 9.4.3.C
9.4.3.E In the second sentence, strike “are” and put in “shall be”.
9.5.2 Strike “large” in first sentence. Height should be: “not exceed ten (10) feet above ground level”.
9.7.2. Number 4 should join sentence two and three with “and”. Add “to” between 4 p.m. and Monday.
9.7.5.D Strike all of Deposit Required of this article.
9.7.4.F should read: “Produce signs. Such signs are allowed in Article, may be erected during the growing season for produce items and shall be removed immediately after the growing season based on normal agricultural practices.”
10.2.1 and 10.2.3. We need a lighting plan for the Town as soon as possible.
10.2.4.A Change to read: “No flashing or neon lights, including fiber optics and other light sources giving a similar effect, shall be permitted. This does not apply to seasonally holiday lighting and that which is used for temporary festivals.”
In table of contents for article 11, strike 11.1.5 and 11.2.2 then re-number the rest of the article. There will be no Major Site Plan. Change this to Site Plan.
11.1.5 Strike this article.
11.2.2 Strike this article. Re-number the rest to comply.
11.2.3, 11.2.4, and 11.2.5 should not refer to a major site plan. Site Plan shall suffice.
11.2.3 reference should be 11.2.1 instead of 10.2.1. Reference to 10.2.2 should be deleted. After the last sentence add “Any building improvement requiring a building permit except those classified as Single Family Site Plan shall file a Site Plan with the Planning Commission.
In article One under definitions, the reference to Site Plan should be 11.2
11.2.10 Bob Notestine is looking over this and 11.2.11 overall and in general.
11.2.5 number 31 strike “having a trunk diameter of ____ inches or more,” and add “as identified in 6.1.1”
11.2.7 A the reference should be 11.2.5 instead of 10.2.5
12.4.2 Change HDC commission members to 7.
12.4.3 Four (4) member shall constitute a quorum. Fourth sentence should read: “A majority vote of the quorum shall be necessary to decide any item of business.”
12.4.5.B Change reference to 8.3.3
Meeting adjourned at 9:51 p.m.
These minutes were submitted by Yvonne McCurley.
Approved ________________,1998. Signed________________________
Franklin D. Wilson
1998-08 Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
AUGUST 13, 1998

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Rob Pease at 7:03 p.m. with the following staff in attendance: Mayor Charles F. Knapper, Mr. Jim Finley, Yvonne McCurley, Mike Wood, and Mike Delvizis. All Planning Commission members were present except for Rick Owens. One citizen, Rick Fisher was present..
The first item on the agenda was the approval of the minutes from July 9th meeting. A motion was made by Joe Rositano, seconded by Larry Felts that the minutes be approved with the following changes:
 “ Second sentence should read “are allowed off premises Friday 4:00 p.m. - Monday 9:00 a.m. 9.7.1 Change all references of section to article where applicable.
9.7.5. D Eliminate paragraph D.”
Minutes from the July 23rd meeting were approved with no changes. Motion made by Orville Norton, seconded by Evelyn Bennett.
The Zoning Ordinance was reviewed and the following changes were recommended:
Article 11, Sections 11.1.0 thru 11.2.5 will be deleted from the Zoning Ordinance and will be addressed in the By-Laws.
D delete “site or structure, or any site or structure” and add “site, structure or sign, or any site, structure or sign”
There was some discussion on the preparation of a draft document with the recommended changes to the Zoning Ordinance. A draft copy will be given to the Planning Commission members before the next Planning Commission meeting to look over. Members will be ready to discuss any final changes at the next regular Planning Commission meeting in September. Then a public hearing will be held to recommend the changes to the Board. An ad must be placed 10 days prior to the public hearing.
The Zoning Map needs to be made official. Mike Wood will take care of getting the signature blanks on the map.
There was discussion on Open Space Overlay. Mike Wood will make changes to recommend requirements for overlay. Yvonne McCurley will see to obtaining aerial photos from Bob Martin at Franklin Planning Department.
There was discussion about underground utilities.. Some members raised a question about whether or not the Town would be required to eventually put in underground utilities on existing properties if the Zoning Ordinance required all new construction to have underground utilities. Mike Wood warned that legal counsel should be sought before any decision is made on this and agreed to confer with Counsel Notestine about the matter. A formal vote was then taken in which five (5) were in favor, Frank Wilson opposed, Paula Auerbach abstained. Joe Rositano vehemently refused to vote and objected to there having been a vote taken without first hearing from Legal Counsel.
Commercial Zone Overlay for the new Town Center Concept was discussed. The practical agreement is to wait on adopting this plan and have this be a separate issue. We agreed not to include this in the draft of revision recommendations to the Zoning Ordinance. It was deferred until October.
Joe Rositano made comments about the annexation meeting he had attended with Williamson County.
Larry Felts made comment about Two-Way’s lighting being in violation of the Zoning Ordinance due to the fact that it does not comply with the foot candle regulations.
Joe Rositano moved to adjourn. Larry Felts seconded and the motion passed unanimously. The meeting ended at 9:22 p.m.
These minutes respectfully submitted by Yvonne McCurley.
Approved and Adopted on ____________________1998.
Signed _____________________________________
 Franklin D. Wilson, Secretary
1998-07 Planning Commission Special Meeting Minutes
JULY 23, 1998
The meeting was called to order by Chairman Rob Pease at 6:45 with the following Planning Commission members present: Rob Pease, Orville Norton, Evelyn Bennett, Larry Felts, Frank Wilson, and Joe Rositano. Other persons attending were Jim Finley, Yvonne McCurley, Mike Wood, and Phil Walker.
Minutes from the July 9th meeting were handed out to members present but it was decided to wait until regular meeting to approve them since there was not sufficient time before hand to look them over.
The following revisions were made to the Zoning Ordinance:
Regarding the 5.2.1 Chart on p. 39, there was much discussion on whether to permit auction houses (with conditions) in the Village Zone. Mike Wood will research the issue regarding auction houses and come up with some appropriate conditions in which to regulate their approval. Parking was of great concern to many members.
After 35 minutes of debate on accessory residential outbuildings, the members decided to defer any changes to 4.1.6 at this time.
Under the chart on p. 31, leave in the first two sentences. Add “750 sq. ft.” and strike “an FAR of .2”
On p. 39 there will be an asterisk (*) added beside government/civic. At the bottom of the page the asterisk (*) will be explained “to be determined by Planning Commission based on proposed function/use.”
Rob Pease’s handout on Open space overlay was discussed until 8:25 with no decision rendered.
Base Zoning versus Overly Option was discussed at length but no decision was made.
The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.
These minutes were submitted by Yvonne McCurley.
Approved on ______________________, 1998
Signed _______________­­______________________Secretary of Planning Commission
Franklin D. Wilson
1998-07 Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
JULY 9, 1998
The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Rob Pease at 7:13. The following people from the Planning Commission were present: Rob Pease, Orville Norton, Larry Felts, Evelyn Bennett, Joe Rositano. According to the by-laws this represents a quorum. Others in attendance were Mayor-Charles Knapper, Counsel Notestine, Codes Enforcement-Jim Finley, Staff Secretary-Yvonne McCurley, State Planner-Mike Wood, Town Engineer-Mike Delvizis and his associate. Applicants present were Bob Phillips, Joe Petrosky, Tom King and Steve Clifton.
The prayer and pledge were led by Chairman Rob Pease.
Agenda item number 3-Minutes from June 11, 1998 Planning Commission meeting were presented and a motion was made by Evelyn Bennett to approve. Second was made by Joe Rositano. Motion passed unanimously.
Item # 3-Minutes from June 23, 1998 Zoning Revision meeting were presented and a motion was made by Orville Norton to approve with the following changes: “greenways” should be replaced with “required greenway easement”. Add: “Mike Wood mentioned that a master greenway plan needed to be adopted.” A second to the motion was made by Joe Rositano. The motion passed unanimously. Later in the evening after a recess had been given, another motion and second were made to further revise these minutes. The additional changes are: “9.7.2 should be 9.7.5.”
Agenda Item #4 was discussed. Motion was made by Joe Rositano to approve the Preliminary application with the condition that Castle Development provide a satisfactory storm water review. Larry Felts seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.
There was no item #5 on the agenda due to a typographical error.
Item #6 was deferred until after Item #8 was reviewed.
Item # 7-Application for Final Plat by McFarlin Woods was discussed. A motion was made by Joe Rositano for the application to be approved with the following conditions: all references are to be noted as “Town”, not county or otherwise, and that the water service be noted as Nolensville/College Grove Utility, and sewer service be noted as Metro Sewer. Second was made by Larry Felts and the motion passed unanimously.
Item #8 was discussed and a motion was made by Joe Rositano to approve Paul Tune’s application for Grade and Fill with the following conditions: 1.) If any historic rock slave walls are found on the property they will be restored as close to original setting as possible, 2.) Top soil and vegetation be restored, and 3.) a performance bond be posted in an amount to be determined by staff. Orville Norton seconded and the motion passed unanimously.
Item #6 was discussed. It was decided that no action would be taken on this until after the Zoning Map is adopted.
Item #9 was discussed. Mike Woods annual Performance Report was approved and a corrected copy will be signed at the next meeting. Motion made by Larry Felts, second by Evelyn Bennett and passed unanimously.
A recess was called at 8:10 p.m.
The meeting was called to order again at 8:20 p.m. with discussion on Item # 10. After Counsel Notestine gave his advice, this item was dismissed by a motion from Joe Rositano and a second by Larry Felts. The motion passed with Orville Norton opposing and Evelyn Bennett voicing abstention.
Item #11 was discussed and the following changes to the Zoning Ordinance are being made:
9.3.1 E should read “Off-premises signs except when authorized in Section 9.7.2 Third sentence should read “Allowed off premises Friday 4 :00 p.m.- Monday 9:00 a.m.”
9.7.2 Add point 6 to read “ Off-premises signs advertising produce grown and sold locally within a 5 mile radius of Nolensville Town Hall.
9.7.4 Add point E to read “ Produce signs per during growing seasons based on normal agricultural practices.
10.1.5 Strike entire section.
10.2.1 Revised draft of Site Plan Review by Mike Wood and Mike Delvizis to conform with Williamson County. Stream line our Zoning Ordinance to have only one site plan.
10.2.10 Guarantee of Improvements. Make sure legal counsel reviews this.
10.2.7 Mike wood will check this to make sure it is 30 days.
10.3.2 Mike Wood will check by-laws to make sure it is 21 days.
10.4.4 Delete B & E due to redundancy
10.5.1 change “site, or structure, or any site…” to read “ site, structure, or sign or any site…”
10.5.3 Delete “feet of the subject property”. Mike Wood and Mike Delvizis will define renovation when they change site plan review. They will check with Brentwood and Franklin to see what they do.
Meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m. and a special meeting to finish these revisions was scheduled for July 23, 1998, at 6:30 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted by, Signed _____________________________
Yvonne McCurley Franklin D. Wilson, Secretary Planning Commission
Date ______________________________
1998-06 Planning Commission Zoning Revision Meeting Minutes
JUNE 23, 1998 6:30
The meeting began at 6:45 with a quorum of Rob Peace, Orville Norton, Frank Wilson, Tommy Dugger, and Paula Auerbach. State Planner Mike Wood and Town Engineer Mike Delvizis were present. Staff members attending were Yvonne McCurley and Jim Finley. No other citizens were present.
These are the changes PC is offering:
Page 72 Article 7.5.1 Change required greenway easement from 12 ft. to minimum of 25 ft. Mike Wood suggested adopting a Master Greenway Plan.
Page 74 Article 8.2.3 Discussion concluded with the need to have a proposed lighting plan drawn up before any changes would be made to this article.
Article 8.2.4 Mike Wood will research height for light poles
Page 75 Article 8.2.5 A should read: No flashing or neon lights including fiber optics or other lighting source giving the same effect, shall be permitted.
8.2.5 B Reads: All fluorescent lighting shall be recessed.
Original 8.2.5 B should now be titled 8.2.5 C
Add D that reads: Flood lights attached to a building for the purpose of illuminating parking lot or pedestrian area shall not be permitted. A flood light attached to a building to illuminate service areas is permitted provided the source of illumination is not vision from a public Right Of Way. This does not apply to residential areas.
Article 9 will be revised to conform to the changes passed by the Board of Mayor and Alderman by Ordinance 98-07. The Planning Commission will make a separate recommendation stating their disapproval of the changes that were passed. These are the changes made by Ordinance 98-07.
9.5.2 shall read, “Height. The maximum height of any freestanding sign for a commercial use shall not exceed ten (10) feet above ground level. The ground shall not have been artificially raised for the purpose of increasing the sign’s height”.
9.3.1 M shall read, “Internally lit signs, except in the CS and OI Zone.”
The following are additional changes:
9.2.1 M change (2) two to (3) three
9.2.2 Q Add “non-governmental”
9.3.1 Second sentence should be changed to read: Any signs(s) unlawfully erected off-premises or in the Public Right-Of-Way may be removed immediately by the Town and may be claimed at Town Hall during normal business hours after payment of a sign removal fee of $10.00 per sign. Any signs not claimed within three (3) days may be disposed of by the Town.
9.3.1 E Strike “billboard”. Add “except where authorized in article
9.3.1 Add “ N. Billboards”
9.7.1 Change Section to Article every time it applies throughout the Zoning Ordiance. Also check for use of the word “chapter”.
9.7.2 Eliminate “D” Add “Allowed only on Friday 4 p.m. through Monday 9 a.m.”
The meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted by, Adopted ________________1998
Yvonne McCurley Signed_______________________
Franklin D. Wilson, Secretary
1998-03 Planning Commission Subdivision Regulation Meeting Minutes
MARCH 3, 1998

The meeting was called to order by Chairman of the Planning Commission, Rob Pease at 7:06 PM.
Those present at the time the meeting was called to order were as follows:
Staff: Jim Finley, Yvonne McCurley, Mike Wood, and Mayor Charles Knapper.
Planning Commission: Orville Norton, Larry Felts, Frank Wilson, Tommy Dugger, Paula Auerback, Joe Rositano.
Alderman Henry was present.
Phil Jones was present.
It was advertised in the paper that there would be discussion on the Sign Ordinance 89-07 but there was a miscommunication between staff members and the copies of the ordinance were not ready to be distributed. Orville Norton moved to defer discussion. Joe Rositano seconded. All were in favor but Frank Wilson who opposed saying that this did not need to be put off any longer. A copy of the sign ordinance will be distributed before the March 12th Planning Commission meeting.
Public comment by Phil Jones was made stating that the fee of $100 was too much to pay for a copy of the Zoning Ordinance/Sub Regs. Especially since it is not available for checkout and must be viewed in the Town Hall only. The Planning Commission and BZA obtained free copies but the public did not. Rob Pease agreed that it was too high. Orville suggested having a copy placed at the Public Library to be checked out by citizens. Mike Wood suggested reducing the fee. Mayor Knapper stated that he was embarrassed by the excessive fee and said it would be changed to $35-40 per copy by a new ordinance.
Mike Delvizis, Evelyn Bennett and Rick Owens arrived at 7:21.
Changes were discussed on sections I-III. The agreed upon changes were marked in each person’s individual copy of the Sub. Regs. The copies marked by Mike Wood and Yvonne McCurley will be compared and deemed as the official copy from which to input data for the revised copy of Sub/Regs.
At 8:47, Mayor Knapper requested a break in the action regarding Sub. Regs. Discussion due to the lateness of the hour and mentioned that copies of the Sign Ordinance 98-07 were now ready to be given out if discussion on it was desired at this time rather than waiting until next meeting. Joe Rositano made a motion to go ahead and do the Sign Ordinance now. Tommy Dugger seconded. Passed unanimously and a 10 minute break was given to assure that everyone had time to look over the Ordinance.
9:00 Discussion on the Sign Ordinance was opened by Orville Norton.
9:08 Mike Delvizis left the meeting saying that he would give his comments and recommendations to Yvonne McCurley and Mike Wood.
Alderman Parman Henry read Sign Ordinance 98-07 and expressed his comments that a 10 ft. height limit be imposed to all signs in Nolensville and that internally lit signs be allowed in the Commercial and Industrial Districts of Nolensville. Much discussion was made and many opinions were voiced but Rick Owens moved that Sign Ordinance 98-07 presented by the Mayor and Alderman was an unfavorable motion. Larry Felts seconded. All ayes but Frank Wilson who voted no.
Joe Rositano moved that a recommendation be made to change the Zoning Ordinance to limit sign height to 6 ft in the Commercial/Industrial District. Orville Norton seconded. The motion passed 6-3 with Paula Auerbach, Frank Wilson and Rick Owens opposing.
Mike Wood said that their needed to be a separate amendment to Board of Mayor and Alderman.
Frank Wilson made a motion to adjourn and Joe Rositano seconded. The meeting ended at 9:50 PM.
Respectfully Submitted,

Franklin D. Wilson