Design Review Advisory Committee

Design Review Advisory Committee

designreviewThe Design Review Advisory Committee (DRAC) is a volunteer group which functions as a project review team to advise the Planning Commission as well as the applicant's project team on proposed building developments. Nolensville Land Use Policies Plan includes an objective of Design Guidelines that "promote high standards of design appropriate in scale appearance and use for a small town". The DRAC reviews applications for non-residential, mixed-use and attached residential to ensure compliance with the Town's architectural design regulations as set forth in Appendix E of the Zoning Ordinance. The committee is a recommending body and does not act on any applications.  The DRAC was established by Resolution 06-17
           1. "to serve in an advisory role to the Planning Commission, Board of Mayor and Alderman and the Town Planning staff in studying and recommending standards relating to proposed development; and
           2. To assist the Town Staff in reviewing site plan submittals that are to be considered by the Planning Commission". 

The Design Review Advisory Committee meets the  Wednesday after initial submittals are received for the Planning Commission.  Meetings are held at Town Hall at 7:00 p.m.. Agendas are posted on the public bulletin board outside of Town Hall and available HERE

Zoning Ordinance Appendix E - Design Review

Matt Happel
Joshua Hughes
Blake Rutland
Tyler Thayer

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