Design Review Committee

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This committee consists of a group of volunteers, including professional architects, and functions as a project review team to advise the Planning Commission as well as the applicant’s project architect on proposed building developments (non-residential, mixed-use, and attached residential) to ensure that new developments comply with the Town’s architectural design regulations as set forth in Appendix E of the zoning regulations. The goal of the Town’s design regulations is to “…promote high standards of design appropriate in scale, appearance and use for a small town.”  These regulations require that new projects utilize nine sound architectural design principles for façade design on new buildings.

This committee meets as needed, usually within a week after new submittals to the Planning Commission have been received.

The development of high quality building design will result in the Town in creating a strong sense of community and enhancing a strong business climate.

Appendix E - Design Review


Title Name Email
  Matt Happel
  Joshua Hughes
  Eric Klotz
  Joan Lawler
  Blake Rutland
  Tyler Thayer
  David Verner