Patrol Operations Division

The Patrol Operations Division is the largest division and the most visible component of the Nolensville Police Department. Officers assigned to this division provide twenty-four hour patrol of the Town and utilize proactive law enforcement to prevent crimes and protect life and property. Officers assigned to this division provide initial response to all calls for service, both routine and emergency; secure crime scenes; investigate traffic crashes; perform initial and follow up investigation of crimes; arrest and transport suspects; and testify in court. The Patrol Operations Division, under the leadership of Lieutenant Mike Hofer, is comprised of uniformed men and women who are dedicated to providing excellent service to those who live, work, and visit the Town of Nolensville. The division operates four, twelve hour patrol rotations. Each rotation is supervised by a Sergeant. Rotations are bid by seniority annually.

The NPD Patrol Division is always available to provide law enforcement duties in the Town of Nolensville. If emergency service is needed, immediately call 911. If you would like to request non-emergency police response, call (615) 776-3640. Patrol Officers' duties include but are not limited to:

  • Responding to emergency 911 calls
  • Filing police reports
  • Processing crime scenes
  • Conducting regular patrol operations in residential and business neighborhoods
  • Enforcing traffic laws
  • Responding to and reporting accidents

Alarm Response

NPD Patrol Officers respond to emergency or burglary alarms. Many are false alarms, but the NPD treats each one with grave seriousness in case there is a real emergency situation. If you are on the scene of a real or false alarm, please cooperate with our officers. They may ask for your identification or take other appropriate measures to ensure your safety. Officers may leave an alarm notification tag if no one is on the scene of what appears to be a false alarm.

Please note: The Town of Nolensville does not require permits for commercial or burglary alarms.

After-Hours Business Patrols

NPD Patrol Officers routinely patrol local business after-hours, deterring suspicious activity and possible property crimes. Sometimes officers will leave a door handle tag when they patrol a business after-hours and everything appears secure, or to note something that seems out of place. These are simply courtesy checks by our officers, and are not an official warning or violation. Please contact our Administrative Offices at (615) 776-6690 for any questions or concerns about after-hours business patrols.