Previous Zoning Ordinance

The Town of Nolensville has updated and rewritten its Zoning Ordinance. The new zoning document is available on our website, under the Zoning Ordinance Update page. Follow the links below for the previous Zoning Ordinance and any ordinance amending after it's adoption. 

2020 Zoning Ordinance(Only for vested developments)
Ordinance 20-42 - Cluster Mailbox Standards
Ordinance 20-32 Building Heights
Ordinance 20-13 Buffer chart
Ordinance 20-12 Conditional Uses
Ordinance 21-01A Planned Development
Ordinance 21-07 Village Update
Ordinance 21-14 Definitions
Ordinance 22-10 Tree Save

Follow the links below to see previous revisions of past Zoning Ordinances. 
Zoning Ordinance Rev. 6.13.2014
Zoning Ordinance Rev. 5.29.2014
Zoning Ordinance Rev. 6.27.2013
Zoning Ordinance Rev. 11.23.2010