Walk/Bike Masterplan

The Town of Nolensville – in cooperation with the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) – is undertaking a Walk / Bike Masterplan to guide active transportation projects, programs, and policies in the Town going forward. The Masterplan builds on the bicycle and pedestrian recommendations developed as part of the 2022 Major Thoroughfare Plan (MTP).

The Town of Nolensville in recent years has taken proactive steps to promote walking and biking as viable transportation options and to improve existing bicycle and pedestrian networks. As new developments come forward, the Town is taking opportunities to improve connections. Making these investments assists the Town with the goals of easing traffic congestion, enhancing safety, saving families money, and promoting healthy lifestyles. Recognizing that more work must be done, the Walk / Bike Masterplan builds on the Town's momentum – including its recently-adopted Major Thoroughfare Plan (MTP) – and establishes a strategic framework for expanding opportunities for walking and biking throughout Nolensville.

To learn more about our project and to view our timeline, please follow the link: Town of Nolensville Walk/Bike Masterplan

As part of the Masterplan process, our survey seeks to better understand the existing issues and opportunities facing bicycle and pedestrian users, as well as those curious about or interested in walking or biking. Individual responses will be kept private – only summary data from the survey will be released as part of the final plan document.

We invite all of Nolensville to let their voices be heard and to actively participate in the project!
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