Signs & Sign Administration

Signs are an important and necessary means of communication.  It is the Town's intent to promote attractive signage and streetscapes, facilitate way-finding and traffic safety, and promote commerce.  The size, characters and locations of signs affect the safety of vehicular traffic and help define the character of an area.   The sign regulations found in the Nolensville Zoning Ordinance establish the standards for the location, quantity and characteristics of signs throughout the Town.  The intent of the sign regulation is to encourage effective communication, attract business, improve safety and minimize adverse effects. 

Sign Application Process

Step 1. Check Requirements
Review the list of signs that do NOT require a permit.  All other signs require a permit.

Step 2. Complete an Application
If necessary, complete either a Temporary Sign Permit Application or Permanent Sign Permit Application ensuring all information listed on the checklist is included with the application and sign is in compliance with Appendix A Sign Regulations of the Zoning Ordinance. If a master sign plan was approved for a development the master sign plan restrictions will apply as well.  Entrances to subdivisions must have shown sign location on plans to apply for a sign permit.  If the location of sign was not part of the approved plans for the subdivision a site plan should be submitted for approval prior to applying for a sign permit.  

Step 3. Submit an Application
Submit the application and pay the associated fee.  Applications are NOT accepted without the accompanying fee.  There is no fee for a Temporary Sign Permit Application at this time.

Step 4. Staff Review
Staff will review the application to ensure compliance with all requirements.

Step 5. Action
Signs are not reviewed by the Planning Commission. Staff will approve the sign application and notify of you the approval via phone or email and provide documentation of the approval.  If there is an issue staff will contact you to discuss how to modify the sign for compliance.