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A rezoning application is a request to change the district boundaries or district classifications of the Zoning Map. A rezoning request should always be supported by the Land Use Plan. Rezonings are reviewed by the Planning Commission and acted upon by the Board of Mayor and Commissioners.  Flow Chart

Project name should be submitted in this format.  Rezoning Address, Rezoning, (name of Project or Owner)
Example  123 Happy Street, Rezoning, (Jane Happy Property)

Step 1. Preliminary Meeting
A preliminary Meeting with planning staff should take place before an application is submitted.  Please contact the Planning Department at 615.776.6693 or

Step 2. Application Submittal
A rezoning application must be submitted according to the Submittal ScheduleFees are due at the time of submittal. Information needed for a rezoning submittal can be found on the rezoning checklist. Staff will determine if the submittal is complete and add it to the meeting agenda. Five (5) paper copies should be submitted to the Planning Department and an electronic copy via pdf or thumb drive (No CD's)

Step 3. Staff Review
Planning staff will review the application and develop a report for the Planning Commission outlining if the request is supported by the Land Use Plan and any other information staff deems necessary and appropriate to the Commission.

Step 4. Planning Commission Review
The Planning Commission will review the application and provide a recommendation to the Board of Mayor and Commissioners. The applicant will be given an opportunity to present their application to the Commission.

Step 6. Board of Mayor and Commissioners 1st Reading
The Board will vote to deny the application or to move the ordinance forward for a 2nd reading and set a date for the Public Hearing.

Step 7. Public Notice
Signs for posting on the  property in question should be picked up from the Planning Department and place on the property.  A photo with a time stamp documenting the sign placement should be sent to the Planning Department.  The Town will give public notice in the newspaper 21 days prior to the meeting. Applicant should mail public notice to adjacent property owners,  The applicant should submit to the Planning Department a copy of the letter sent (sample letter) and the signed public notice  affidavit. 
Step 8. Board of Mayor and Commissioners Public Hearing
The Public will have an opportunity to speak to the Board and express their concerns or support for the rezoning. The applicant will also have an opportunity to present their request to the Board. 

Step 9.Final Reading
The Board will take final action on the rezoning request and the Ordinance will be effective upon passage.