Planning Department Frequently Asked Questions


Who is responsible for replacing dead street trees?
If your neighborhood is still under construction and has not been released to the Town, the developer is responsible for replacing dead street trees. 

If your neighborhood is no longer in construction and has an HOA, they would be responsible for replacing the dead street trees. 

If your home is not associated with an HOA, the homeowner would then be required to replace the trees. 
Is there a list of approved trees that I can replace my street trees with?
Replacement street trees should be chosen from the Native Tree List in the zoning ordinance.  You may also want to check with your HOA in case they have additional restrictions.
Do I need a permit to extend my patio?
How can I obtain the Plot Plan for my property?
We have a really amazing online mapping tool available to the town where you can locate your plot plan. 

Nolensville GIS

Select the Public Access Option
A Map of the Town will appear, to the right side of the map, under the SEARCH options, select QUICK SEARCH
Enter your house number and street name in the ADDRESS SEARCH field
Click the arrow next to your property
Your Plot Plan will be under the PARCEL header
You can download your plan by selecting the down arrow 

Where can I build my pool?

Pools are allowed in the third layer of your property(20ft behind the frontage of the house). The water line of the pool must NOT extend past the Minimum Building Set Back Line(MBSL).  It is important to check for any easements that exist on your property and you must obtain a permit.