Planned Development Submittal Checklist

Planned District Checklist

1. Packet Submittal should include:
  1.  Signed and notarized owner affidavit
  2. Copy of water and sewer availability or explanation of conditions for sewer/water service
  3. Traffic impact analysis if warranted
  4. A copy of written notice provided to all adjoining property owners with visual and and narrative explanation of proposed development and date of Planning Commission meeting and affidavit certifying notice was sent. 
  5. Contact information of project land owners, consultants, design professionals, and project lead.
  6. A copy of section A 1 through A 17 from the Planned District section of the zoning ordinance stating how each condition is met and noting sheet to find illustrated condition
  7. Fire Protection information including results of flow test at nearest fire hydrant, plan location of test and flow hydrants, static pressure, residual pressure, and calculated flow at 20 psi residual pressure, or projected flow from a water flow model study. Fire contact information

2. Cover Sheet should include:
  1. Name of proposed development (Development must maintain name throughout the process to ensure appropriate tracking of the project)
  2. Contact information for project lead
  3. tax map and parcel number
  4. vicinity map
  5. note stating "comprehensive review of roadway and stormwater elements by the Town of Nolensville will occur at Site Plan and/or Preliminary Plat submittal.  Project entitlements approved with this Development Plan do no constitute approval of roadways or stormwater elements shown on the plan. If upon review of Site Plan or Preliminary Plat, the applicant cannot achieve maximum approved entitlements, the applicant shall be confined to the entitlements achievable from the application of said standards"
  6. sheet index
  7. Current zoning and proposed entitlements of PD zoning 
  8. Take Down Chart showing overall entitlements and phases of development


    Non Residential







    Restaurant, Motel




    00 Keys

    Phase 1





    Phase 2.

    Retail, Motel




3.All pages/sheets should include:
  1. Name of Proposed Development
  2. Seal of design professional (s)
  3. existing and proposed boundaries
  4. north arrow, graphic scale, and legend of symbols
  5. right of way information including name, width and classification per the Nolensville MTP (GIS MAP with MTP layer)
  6. Tree Canopy existing and proposed 
  7. Easements both existing (with deed/plat reference) and proposed. Any easement proposed to be abandoned should be indicated
  8. location of floodway/floodplain
  9. site data chart
    1. project name
    2. address
    3. map and parcel
    4. acreage/square footage
    5. base zoning 
    6. proposed PD zoning
    7. proposed setbacks/BTL
    8. Hotel keys
    9. proposed height
    10. commercial square footage
    11. open space required/provided
    12. formal open space required/provide
    13. tree canopy required/provided
    14. parking required/provided
4. Existing Conditions Page
  1. Property boundaries, subdivision names, tax map and parcel number, deed and plat references, owner names, and existing land use of adjacent properties
  2. a narrative stating how stormwater drains through and exits the site prior to development
  3. zoning district and any overlay
  4. existing man made features including fences, walls, structures, buildings, pavement, cemeteries, archeological features, above and below ground utilities, hydrants and roadway.
  5. natural features of the site
  6. historic resources on the site or within 100 feet of any property boundary
  7. Existing topography contours with vertical lines at five feet maximum
  8. Existing natural slopes between 14 and 19.99 percent and over 20 percent

5. Development Plan Page
  1. Written description of Proposed development
  2. Proposed building placement and location with square footage and building height noted and stated build to lines or front facade build zone
  3. proposed open space showing location, type, and any proposed amenities
  4. general location of proposed roadways, sidewalks, parking, loading areas, drive through lanes, refuse collection area, street lights, retaining walls, storm water management features, mail kiosk and any other pertinent surface items
  5. site data chart
  6. proposed phase lines
  7. trails and multi use paths proposed and the connection to existing paths ( widths and materials included in details)
6. Pattern book
  1.  a list of all proposed uses allowed in the current zoning district and a separate list of the proposed uses to be allowed in the Planned District. If different uses will be allowed in different buildings a breakout should be included labeling buildings and stating allowed uses
  2. full definition of any proposed amenities including required size and features that will be included.  
  3. color concept renderings and typical elevations
  4. Any plan over 200 acres must submit architectural requirements that ensure development is cohesive in style
  5. a description of proposed materials including roof materials with a breakdown of the percentage of exterior building materials for each side of building
  6. a master sign plan stating the size, type, colors, and locations of signs throughout the development
  7. detail of how refuse collection will be screened
  8. details of all proposed outdoor lighting, street furniture, public art, fountains, or amenity proposed

7. Photometric Plan for Commercial
  1. A photo plan showing maximum illumination generated by private lighting, with light intensity measured in foot candles and extended until 0.0 candles is maintained
  2. Location and type of lighting
8. Grading and Drainage Plan
  1. storm water narrative stating how stormwater will be treated and detained prior to exiting the site
  2. statement of impact on drainage facilities and any changes in outfall locations
  3. site grading and drainage
  4. Existing and proposed topography contours with vertical intervals at five feet maximum
  5. retaining walls and maximum height labeled
  6. stormwater infrastructure and features, including green infrastructure and detention areas
  7. proposed and existing utilities
9. ROW and Access Plan Page
  1. roadway network, including proposed and existing elements and access easements
  2. right of way dedication per the Nolensville MTP (GIS with MTP layer)
  3. street light locations
  4. cross walks and cross necessary signage
  5. autoturn exhibits for fire and refuse collection
  6. proposed and existing landscaping, including the location of street trees, ensuring conflicts with utilities are resolved
  7. statement of impact on streets including projected trips generated by the development and proposed improvements to alleviate traffic impact
10. Landscape Plan Page
  1. current aerial photo showing existing tree canopy and percent of site under existing tree canopy cover with line work depicting extents of tree canopy cover
  2. tree save area with acreage labeled
  3. the location, caliper, species and condition of individual trees and groups of trees six caliper or larger.  Clearly identifying specimen trees that are to be removed
  4. minimum required open space and open space provided, formal and general separated (may include second sheet to fully demonstrate open space proposed)
  5. plant schedule including quantity of each plant material, common and botanical name, size and spacing of proposed landscape
  6. existing plant material to be left in natural state, methods and details for protecting existing plants (tree protection zones must be designated and in place prior to grading for credit to be assessed)
  7. erosion control plan
  8. locationand description of landscape improvements including perimeter landscaping, parking lot landscaping and any proposed buffer zones (refer to PD ordinance for these requirements as they differ from general standards)
  9. location and description of other landscape improvements, such as earth berms, walls, fences, screens, sculptures, fountains, street furniture , lights, courtyards or paved areas.  ( if proposing berm to reduce width of buffer provide graphic showing height with landscape installed to give general sense of the screening provided)
  10. details of all proposed fences, furniture, lights or other non-plant improvements
  11. planting and installation details to ensure conformance with all required standards
  12. location and type of irrigation proposed
  13. location of proposed buildings (if green roof proposed include separate sheet of general layout of roof)
  14. layout of parking, traffic patterns and interior pedestrian ways
  15. interpretive legend
  16. location of all underground 
  17. location of public and private easements
  18. connections to any existing streets and or trail
Development with residential component
Prior to proceeding to the Board of Commissioners a letter of potential school impact should be sent to the Williamson County School District and a copy provided to the Planning Department.  Letter should state the proposed development location and anticipated number of school aged residents. 

Development plans submitted for amendments should include an explanation of the amendment and a  separate sheet containing the original entitlement and the change proposed clouded for each separate change.