Major Thoroughfare Plan

The MTP is the Town of Nolensville's general plan for major street system improvements and its primary objective is to ensure adequate right-of-way and appropriate locations and alignments for the orderly development of the thoroughfare system. Importantly, to provide options for people of all ages and abilities, the MTP coordinates walkways and bikeways into the major street improvements and also includes a greenway system plan. Implementing the MTP will require ongoing cooperation, advanced planning, and continued community engagement. 

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Major Thoroughfare Plan 

Ordinance 23-06: Amends the MTP to include the preferred "Regional Projects Alignment Option 1". An updated exhibit can be found here
Ordinance 23-11: Clarifies the road designation of all roads within the Hailey Industrial Area and Johnson Industrial Area from "Local Road" to "Local Commercial and Industrial Roadway"