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Home Occupations

Home occupations may be approved administratively by staff provided all conditions are met.  

Step 1. Check the conditions
Home Occupations must meet ALL of the following conditions:

  1. Home Occupations shall not be identified by the display of goods or signs on the lot on which it is located
  2. No more than 25% of the total floor area is devoted to the home occupation.
  3. The site may not be used as a storage facility for a commercial activity conducted elsewhere. 
  4. No materials, goods, and/or equipment indicative of the home occupation shall be visible from any public road or stored outside. 
  5. The use shall not generate noise, fumes or smoke, nor create a nuisance of any kind which would affect the residential character of the area in which it is located
  6. No traffic shall be generated by the home occupation in greater volume than would normally be expected in the area
  7. There shall be no on-site sales allowed.  Business transactions conducted via telecommunication devices shall not be considered as on-site sales for the purpose of the Home Occupation 
  8. Teaching, including but not limited to tutoring and art, music, or dance lessons, shall be permitted provided that it is limited to no more than two pupils at any given time. 
Step 2. Submit Application
Complete an application and submit to the Planning Department.

Step 3. Staff Review
Staff will review the application for compliance to town ordinances.

Step 4. Final Action
Staff will contact the applicant via email or phone and provide you with documentation of approval or disapproval.  If you are disapproved an explanation will be provided.