Conditional Use Permits

Conditional Uses are approved by the Board of Zoning Appeals.  The Board of Zoning Appeals determines that conditions established in the Zoning Ordinance that will allow the use have been met.   Approval of the conditional use is NOT site plan approval.  Conditional Uses are intended to provide flexibility in an effort to cope with situations where a particular use, although not inherently inconsistent with the intent and purpose of a particular zone, could create special problems or hazards if allowed to develop and locate as a matter of right. The zoning ordinance outlines specific requirements for each of the conditional uses and if these requirements are met, the use is then permitted.  Those requirements may be found in the Nolensville Zoning Ordinance.

Step 1. Pre-Application Meeting (Optional)
A pre-application meeting is available but not required prior to submitting an application.  To set up a meeting please contact the Planning Department at 615.776.6704.

Step 2. Application Submittal 
Applications should be submitted according to the Submittal Schedule.  Fees are due at the time of submittal.  For a list of submittal requirements see the Conditional Use Application Checklist.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted.  Refer to the zoning map on the webpage if you are unsure of your zoning classification. Deeds or plot plans should contain information on map and parcel.  

Step 3. Staff Review 
Staff Reviews the submittal to ensure the conditions identified in the Zoning Ordinance are met by the applicant.  Comments will be sent to the applicant approximately a week after the submittal. 

Step 4. Public Notice
Public Notice of the application will be given at least 10 days prior to the Board of Zoning Appeals meeting.  The Planning Department will publish public notice in the Williamson Herald. 

Step 5. Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting
The Board of Zoning Appeals reviews the application and takes the final action on the application pertaining to the conditional use.  Approval of the use is not approval of the site plan. 

Step 6. Moving Forward
In most cases, the applicant will move forward by submitting a Site Development Plan for review by the Planning Commission.  The applicant should include documentation of the action taken by the Board of Zoning Appeals with the submittal of the Site Development Plan.