Conditional Use Application Checklist

1. Completed BZA application and Conditional Use Permit Application.
2. Detailed explanation summarizing the project
3. Site Plan which includes:
  1.  scale
  2.  all structures labeled as existing or proposed
  3.  north arrow
  4.  property boundary/property lines and all required setbacks with dimensions
  5.  special features such as pedestrian paths, retaining walls, or fencing
  6.  location and widths of right of way or easement
  7.  location of proposed and existing lighting
  8.  location of solid waste disposal
  9.  drainage features with proposed onsite retention
  10.  existing contours and proposed contours
  11.  sign location
  12.  proposed landscape plan
  13.  existing tree canopy 
  14.  building elevations
  15.  explanation and graphic demonstration of how the site will meet the special conditions outlined in the zoning ordinance