Appeal of Administrative Decision (Administrative Review)

Appeals of Administrative Decisions are considered when an applicant believes there was an error by an administrative official in carrying out or enforcing any provision of the Zoning Ordinance.  Appeals are also used for interpretations of the zoning map boundaries. 

Appeals of Administrative Decisions are reviewed and approved by the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Step 1. Preliminary Meeting (Optional)
A pre-application meeting is advised but not required prior to submitting an application.  To set up a meeting please contact the Planning Department at 615.776.6693 or

Step 2. Application Submittal for Appeal
The application must be filed with the Planning Department within 30 days of the order, decision, determination, or interpretation by the administrative official. The application is found HERE.  Submittals are received according to the submittal schedule.  Documentation of the decision you are appealing should be included in the submittal and any materials you believe are relevant for the Board to understand your interpretation of the ordinance. 

Step 3. Public Notice by Applicant
At least 15 days prior to the BZA meeting the applicant mails notification letters to surrounding property owners and submits a copy of the Public Notice Letter to the Planning Department. Public Notice letters should include the reason for the appeal and the date and time of the meeting.

Step 4. Board of Zoning Appeals Final Action
The BZA reviews and takes final action.  The order, decision, determination, or interpretation will not be reversed or modified, unless there is competent, material and substantial evidence in the record that it fails to comply with either the procedural or substantive requirements of the Zoning Ordinance. 

Step 5. Moving Forward
Based on the action taken by BZA the applicant may either proceed under the original decision, determination, or interpretation or request a new determination based on the BZA findings.