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An annexation application is to request that property be annexed into the Town's corporate limits. Annexation is the process by which the Town extends its municipal services, laws, taxing authority and voting privileges to a new area. Annexations are considered by the Board of Commissioners only when requested by the property owner. As a part of the annexation the Town must adopt a Plan of Services for the new area, a Zoning District, and any applicable Overlay Zoning Districts that should apply to the property. The process outlined below is for annexation request OTHER THAN THOSE THAT REQUIRE A REFERENDUM per State law (properties outside the UGB).  Flow Chart

Step 1. Preliminary Meeting with the Planning Department
A preliminary meeting with staff must take place before an application can occur. To set up a meeting contact the Planning Department at 615.776.6693 or

Step 2.  Formal Annexation and Plan of Services Application Submittal
The formal annexation and plan of services application must be submitted according to the Submittal Schedule.  For the list of requirements, see the Submittal Requirements for annexation. It is strongly encouraged that an applicant submit a rezoning application simultaneously so the annexation and rezoning may be considered collectively.

Step 3.  Planning Commission Review
The Planning Commission will review the plan of services and annexation resolutions and provide a recommendation to the Board of Commissioners. Applicants should be prepared to present to the Board showing where the property is located, why it is in the best interest of the Town to annex the property, and the proposed development of the property.

Step 4.  Board of Commissioners 1st Reading
The annexation resolution will go to the next Board meeting with a recommendation from the Planning Commission. The Board may vote to not consider the annexation or to move the annexation resolution to the 2nd Reading and set a date for the Public Hearing.

Step 5.  Board of Commissioners  Public Hearing
The public hearing for the annexation resolution will be advertised in the PAPER. The Plan of Services will be placed on the same agenda as the Public Hearing for the annexation resolution. The plan of services requires one reading and a Public Hearing. It will become effective upon the 2nd and Final Reading of the annexation resolution.

Step 6.  Board of Commissioners 2nd and Final Reading
The Board will vote on the annexation for the final time and it will become effective upon the date set in the resolution.