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This is a secure way to lock up a key to your business or home that allows only the fire department access to gain entry into your premise without damaging any doors or windows in the event of an emergency. This does not grant us permission to enter at will, it requires an emergency to utilize this key.

The way it works is you pick the box you desire and check with us for a good location to mount it, or in some of the home box options it can hang from your door. Once it's mounted you call us to come out and lock you key in the box with our Knox key that specially designed for our department. Our key is secured within our apparatus that requires a unique code from our authorized members to remove the key to be able to open you box. 

Find the application you are looking for below and click on the link to access more information and the option to order your own. If you have any questions feel free to contact Nolensville Fire & Rescue for answers.

Commercial Knoxbox

This is required for businesses in town for after hour access incase of an emergency with a master key. If there is a separate key for riser rooms it is required to be in the box as well. Commercial Knoxbox.

Koorsen is the local Knox trusted partner and will have our commercial boxes in stock when you ask for a Nolensville commercial Knoxbox. 615-237-1828 Koorsen

Your Knox box should be mounted according to the instructions with the version of the box you purchased whether wall mounted or recessed. It should be installed in a location that has been approved by the Fire Marshal or representative typically by the front door or the riser room at 5 1/2 feet above the walking surface.

Home Knoxbox

We have now added options for your home! Residential Knoxbox. Knox Residential Boxes are high security key safes that are trusted and supported by your Nolensville Fire & Rescue. They provide first responders access to your home in emergencies when people inside are unable to open the door or are not in the house.