Inspection Reports Online (IROL)


The Nolensville Fire Marshal's Office is committed to reaching full compliance with our fire code. In an effort to collaborate with the Service Providers who Inspect, Test, and Maintain (ITM) Fire Protection Systems, all compliant and non-compliant system test  reports will be required to be submitted, electronically, by your company through our new Web-Based Reporting System, (IROL), effective August 22, 2022
We understand the importance of ITM within our community and by utilizing this technology it’ll allow us to work together more efficiently to ensure a system’s readiness and meeting the required codes and standards. IROL’s platform will allow our department to streamline the ITM process, track compliance, and overall reduce the impact of fire.
Together, we will assist in timely deficiency remediation, educating our businesses on the importance of frequent ITM, and increasing overall system performance.
IROL’s proven process provides benefits for our entire community:
  • Ensures the conditions and readiness of fire and life safety systems
  • Increases the frequency of repairs by addressing deficiencies
  • Provides increased education, awareness and response by Business/Property Owners
  • Assists in ensuring licensed companies are performing quality ITM

The ITM reports required to be uploaded:
  • Initial System Commissioning
  • Annual Fire Alarm
  • Annual and Semi-Annual Hood Suppression
  • Semi-Annual Kitchen Hood Cleaning
  • Annual Smoke Control System
  • Annual Standpipe
  • Annual Fire Door
  • Annual Private Hydrant
  • Annual Sprinkler (commercial only)
  • Annual Fire Pump
  • 5-year Internal Pipe
  • Annual Emergency Generator
  • 5-year Standpipe
  • Annual Clean Agent
  • Annual Emergency Radio