Fire Marshal's Office

Fire Safety And Education

Home Fire Safety
In the event of a home fire, you want you and your family to be prepared and ready to act. Plan on having a meeting place outside the home in the front where you can make sure everyone is out and we can meet with you when we arrive. Make sure any kids or elderly know the quickest way out. If someone does have to make their way to an exit, stay low, check door handles and doors for heat with the back of your hand, and cover your mouth and nose with something to prevent larger particles of smoke from being breathed in. Finally, closed doors can provide more time to escape as they help keep smoke and fire out for a few extra moments.

Pre-Incident Planning

Within the coming days, the crews will be stopping by all the businesses in town to perform a pre-incident planning where they look for any building or site features that we would need to know such as the closest hydrant location, fire department connections, sprinkler riser rooms and etc. While these are going on, the crews may point out some possible fire code deficiencies that will give the business the opportunity to get them corrected prior to the Fire Marshal visiting for an official inspection. 

Business Owners

Here is what you can expect from the Nolensville Fire Marshal's Office. Our goal is to educate the property owners or business managers on fire safety and relevant codes to allow them to understand our purpose. We are more than happy to perform walkthroughs to give the opportunity to know what is deficient.

We will perform an annual life safety and fire code inspection. This is based off of ordinance 21-04 adopting the 2018 International Fire Code and 2018 NFPA 101 Life Safety Code. All fire and life safety system inspection, testing, and maintenance will be submitted by your service provider through Inspection Reporting Online (IROL) please verify that they are registered with IROL at and you can register as a business owner to login to your account to verify your testing is submitted and you are compliant.

Fire Investigations

The Nolensville Fire Marshal's Office is dedicated to keeping our community safe through conducting an origin and cause investigation on every fire. This could potentially notify the public for faulty appliances or electrical equipment or help keep an arsonist off the streets.

Help burn an arsonist!
TN Arson Hotline

Earn a cash award of up to $5,000
 All calls are confidential