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Construction Blasting

Blasting Complaint

Blasting for the purpose of excavation, clearing, or any other construction operations is permitted and regulated through the Tennessee State Fire Marshal's Office and not through the Town of Nolensville. The firm performing the blasting is required to notify the state 72 hours prior to blasting but there is no requirement to notify the local government. They are required to make an area notification through several air horn blasts to indicate a charge is about to be set off and clear the immediate vicinity.

To file a complaint with the State over a blast that caused damage to your property, the link below will direct you to the appropriate form. The Town has no authority to make determinations regarding blasting or cease the operation. The state makes the determination if there was a violation of the standards and regulations for blasting. The state may cease operations for an investigation to be made but that cease is only good for up to 5 days. The state does not provide legal advice or make decisions on how any damage may have occurred. If you believe there was damage to your home or property please contact your insurance company or obtain legal council. 

Blasting Complaint