Burn Permits

Open Burning Status: Open Burning

Within the Town of Nolensville, a burn permit is required to be submitted with the fire department at all times throughout the year either on the phone by calling 615-776-5050 or stopping by the fire house at 7347 Nolensville Road.

If you are in the county outside the town limits, between October 15th and May 15th, you are only required to file a burn permit with the states forestry department by visiting Online Burn Permit Public or calling 1-800-367-3507. This is not required if you live within Nolensville town limits.

Permits can be issued for warming fires, cooking fires including open barbecue cookers and fireplaces, bonfire for ceremonial or recreations purposes, untreated lumber, land clearing fires or any natural vegetation being burnt from your own property. It is illegal to burn trash, treated lumber, materials brought in from another property, or any man-made materials.
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