Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program

The Town has adopted a Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program (NTCP) to address speeding traffic and related safety concerns within residential neighborhoods. Town staff will help citizens and neighborhoods devise creative and workable ways to enhance neighborhood safety and livability by working closely with neighborhoods to implement effective and cost efficient solutions relating to vehicular traffic in residential areas.

The purpose of this traffic calming program is to provide an appropriate and consistent treatment for traffic calming requests from a Home Owner's Association (HOA). The process below shows a brief overview of the steps in NTCP process. 

Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program (NTCP) Process:
1. HOA submits request form to review a section of road where speeding exists. 
2. Data collection and an evaluation of the traffic conditions in the area of concern.
3. Town staff will meet with the HOA regarding the results of the traffic study.
4. If the traffic study indicates that traffic calming is warranted, the HOA can conduct a petition of their residents regarding
support for traffic calming measures to be implemented within the concerned area.
5. Education and additional enforcement will be provided in the area to promote awareness of the concern prior to
6. Construction documents will be developed, and the project will be prioritized within the town's ability
to fund implementation*.

*HOA’s are permitted to fund traffic calming measures on their own so that solutions can be implemented more quickly and not be contingent on the town's ability to fund the improvement.

Please click the link to learn more about the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program.

If your HOA would like to be considered for the NTCP, please submit a written request for traffic calming on a specific street segment or segments to the Town Engineer or Town Manager.