Commercial Permits

All commercial projects require a digital plan submittal alongside the Commercial Building Permit application.  Once the permit application is accepted with the plans, a plan review will be performed with comments returned within 10 working days.  The building permit cannot be issued for new buildings unless the Grading permit has been issued, the Site Plan is approved (with Planning conditions met), Bonds established, Plats recorded, development fees paid etc.

Adopted Codes

Most plans are required to be prepared by an licensed Architect or Engineer.  Examples where a licensed designer is required below:
  • New Shell buildings or the first time a tenant space is built out
  • Assembly occupancies (includes restaurants, bars, places of worship, etc.)
  • Projects with electrical work
  • Educational or Multi-family residential
  • Changes to structure or means of egress

    State of TN Minimum Requirements for Plans
The Town of Nolensville is not a commercial exempt jurisdiction.  The State of Tennessee Fire Marshal's office requires a concurrent plan submittal for many types of projects and also has inspection jurisdiction in those areas. 
Concurrent Submittal Requirements

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