THURSDAY, April 3rd, 2014, 7:00 P.M.

1.   Call to Order
2.   Prayer and Pledge
3.   Citizens Input/General Comments
4.   Approval of Minutes for Regular Meeting March 6, 2014
5.   Treasurer's Report - February 2014
6.   Committee Reports
a. Planning Commission
b. Engineering Department
c. Fire Department
d. Police Department Report
e. Public Works
f.  Historic Commission
g. Town Events Committee
h. Trees and Trails Committee
7.   Public hearing of Ordinance 14-03, an ordinance to approve a concept plan for a Planned Unit Development overlay known as Burkitt South Development located adjacent to Burkitt Place Development and Kidd Road – Mayor Alexander
8.   Second reading of Ordinance 13-14, an ordinance to supplement and define the provisions of Section 6-4-101 of the Municipal Charter regarding the duties of the City Administrator – Mayor Alexander
9.  Second reading of Ordinance 14-04, an ordinance to amend the budget ordinance 13-04 for fiscal year July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014 – Mayor Alexander
10.  Second reading of Ordinance 14-05, an ordinance to amend Title 8 of the Nolensville Municipal Code as it pertains to alcohol regulations – Alderman Felts
11.  First reading of Ordinance 14-06, an ordinance adopting a budget for fiscal year July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015 – Mayor Alexander
12.  First reading of Ordinance 14-07, an ordinance to annex certain territory southwest of the current corporate boundaries to include the parcels map 59, parcel 200 (in part), pending the results of an annexation referendum – Mayor Alexander
13.  First reading of Ordinance 14-08, an ordinance to amend Zoning Ordinance 04-09, pertaining to Administrative Review in the Historic District – Mayor Alexander
14.  Reading of Resolution 14-10, a resolution to release C.K. Development from Maintenance Bond in Bent Creek Subdivision – Mayor Alexander
15. Discussion on payment to Williamson County pertaining to the Recreation Center
16. Other
17.  Adjourn

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