THURSDAY, November 7th, 2013, 7:00 P.M.

1.    Call to Order
2.    Prayer and Pledge
3.    Citizens Input/General Comments
4.    Approval of Minutes for Regular Meeting October 3rd, 2013
5.    Approval of Beer Board Minutes of October 21, 2013
6.    Treasurer's Report - September 2013
7.    Committee Reports  
          a.   Planning Commission
          b.   Engineering Department
          c.   Fire Department
          d.   Police Department Report 
          e.   Public Works
          f.    Historic Commission
          g.   Town Events Committee
          h.   Trees and Trails Committee
8.    A+ Storage public hearing to appeal payment of Adequate Facilities Tax
9.    First reading of Ordinance 13-11, an ordinance amending Title 15, Chapter 5, of the Town of Nolensville Municipal Code as it pertains to multi-way stop control – Mayor Alexander
10.  Reading of Resolution 13-20, a resolution to declare certain property of the Town of Nolensville surplus – Mayor Alexander
11.  Reading of Resolution 13-21, a resolution to establish a responsibility of carrying out an investment policy with the Town Recorder subject to the approval of the Mayor – Mayor Alexande
12.  Reading of Resolution 13-22, a resolution to make application for a Middle Tennessee Tourism Council grant– Alderman Lothers
13.  Reading of Resolution 13-23, a resolution to make application for a Tennessee Department of Transportation Safe Routes to School grant – Alderman Lothers
14.  Reading of Resolution 13-24, a resolution to authorize the Mayor to make application for a Government Highway Safety Grant program – Mayor Alexander
15.  Other
16.  Adjourn


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