THURSDAY, APRIL 5TH 2012, 7:00 P.M.

1.  Call to Order
2.  Prayer and Pledge
3.  Discussion of withdrawal of text amendment of Ordinance 12-02
4.  Citizens Input/General Comments
5.  Approval of Minutes for Regular Meeting March 1st, 2012
6.  Treasurer’s Report – February 2012
7.  Committee Reports 
     a. Planning Commission
     b. Engineering Department
     c. Fire Department
     d. Police Department Report
     e. Public Works
     f.  Historic Commission
     g. Local Emergency Planning Committee
     h. Town Events Committee
     i.  Trees and Trails Committee
     j.  Fire Protection Study Committee
8.  Second reading for ordinance 12-01, an ordinance to amend Zoning Map of Nolensville, Tennessee to re-zone property currently Estate Residential (ER) to Village (Part) and Suburban Residential (Part) to three tracts of land shown on the tax maps of Williamson County, Tennessee as Map 56, parcel 117.01, Map 59, Parcel 53.09 and Map 59, Parcel 53.05 - Mayor Alexander
9.  First reading of ordinance 12-03, an ordinance for the Town of Nolensville to adopt an annual budget for fiscal year July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013 - Mayor Alexander
10.  First reading of ordinance 12-04, an ordinance to amend ordinance 11-03, to adopt an annual budget for fiscal year June 1, 2011, - June 30, 2012 - Mayor Alexander
11.  Reading of Resolution 12-05, a resolution to enter into an agreement with WAKM Radio and Franklin Radio Associates, Incorporated to provide a fireworks display in the Town of Nolensville – Mayor Alexander
12.  Reading of Resolution 12-06, a resolution that opposes legislation limiting municipalities authority of local issues – Alderman Patrick
13.  Reading of Resolution 12-07, a resolution authorizing a variable rate loan agreement with the Town of Nolensville for the Nolensville Town Hall - Alderman Patrick
14.  Other
15.  Adjourn