recyclingThe Recycling Division is responsible for the coordination of Williamson Recycles, a public/private sector joint venture with the Landfill and Convenience Centers, and for educating citizens regarding recycling efforts.

There are three important links when it comes to recycling.  First is the landfill website, second is the convenience centers website and third is a link to Keep Williamson Beautiful, which exists to partner with volunteers to keep our community clean, green and environmentally aware.

To join the Town's Keep Nolensville Beautiful project, follow the link! Keep Nolensville Beautiful 

Williamson County Recycling Information


Anticipating the switchover to digital broadcast format in February many consumers will be opting to replace their analog televisions, rather than switching to satellite/cable service or purchasing a signal converter box. Nationwide, this could result in millions of televisions being disposed of in landfills. Instead consider recycling that old television and other electronics.

When disposing of electronic equipment, it is important to know that 100% of the materials used to manufacture electronics can be recycled and diverted from land fill. Analog television sets contain materials that are hazardous to health and the environment. Analog TVs are made up of a plastics, metals, circuit boards, and glass. Each television contains a picture tube (cathode ray tube) which contains between four and eight pounds of lead. Lead is a metal that is dangerous to health, especially for children. If lead enters the environment, people can be exposed to it through ingesting contaminated dust, soil, and groundwater.

TV’s, computers, and computer components are accepted for recycling at the Williamson County Material Recycling Facility at 420 Century Court Monday – Friday 7:30 – 4:00. Held in partnership with Clean Earth Recycling, this service is responsible for keeping thousands of pounds of obsolete, discarded, broken and scrapped electronics from ending up in the wrong place landfills, roadside ditches and fields, not to mention helping to clear the clutter out of basements and garages. Components are fully disassembled. All of the raw materials are recycled through certified downstream vendors.

Items being accepted include televisions of all kinds and microwaves, computers, computer components including printers and copiers.  Sorry, curbside pickup is not available. Unloading at the site is provided.

There will be a $7 charge for each television and/or monitor. All other equipment is free. For more information, call (615) 790-5848 or (615) 595-0095.