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2018-09 BOMA Meeting Minutes 

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Town of Nolensville
Board of Mayor and Aldermen Meeting
Date: September 6th, 2018 Time 7:00 p.m.
Nolensville Town Hall, 7218 Nolensville Road

Mayor Jimmy Alexander opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.  Board members present:  Mayor Alexander, Aldermen Tommy Dugger, Larry Felts, Alderman Jason Patrick, and Brian Snyder.  Staff present: Administrator Ken McLawhon, Town Planner Sarah Sitterle, Counsel Robert Notestine, and Recorder Kali Mogul.  There were 51 citizens present.

Mayor Alexander introduced his neighbor, Mr. Rob Ames, who addressed the Board and the audience.  He has been a teacher in Williamson County for 10 years at both Sunset and at Mill Creek.  He has recently accepted a position to teach and serve in Uganda, Africa, so he and his family will be moving there for a period of two years. Mr. Ames said his experience in Williamson County has been excellent training for his new position. Mr. Ames then led the prayer and pledge of allegiance.

There were no citizen comments. 

The Mayor invited the political candidates running for office to address the audience and introduce their platforms.  Mr. Derek Adams of 4795 Jobe Trail is running for Alderman.  Mr. Steve Cody of 194 Lodge Hall Road is running for Alderman.  Alderman Tommy Dugger is running for re-election as an Alderman.  Mr. Russell Gill of 1528 Pumpkin Ridge Court is running for Mayor as a write-in candidate.  Finally, Mayor Alexander is running for re-election and concluded with a recap of accomplishments under his leadership.

Alderman Snyder then moved to approve the minutes from the Board meeting of August 2nd, 2018, seconded by Alderman Felts.  The motion passed unanimously.

Alderman Dugger made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report through July, 2018, seconded by Alderman Patrick.  The motion passed unanimously.


Town Planner Sarah Sitterle reported on behalf of the Planning Department and Planning Commission. 
At the August 14, 2018 Planning Commission meeting, action was taken on the following items:
* Scales Amenity Center site plan revision was deferred
* Summerlyn Section 7 final plat, approved
* Greenbrook North master sign plan was deferred
* Burkitt Commons master sign plan, approved
* Scales Farmstead P.U.D. concept plan revision, approved
* Scales Farmstead Phase 2 preliminary plat/final P.U.D. revision, approved
* Sunset Elementary School Auditorium site plan, approved
* 7216 Nolensville Road site plan, approved with conditions
Ms. Sitterle noted that a representative from Volkert & Associates will attend the September meeting to present an update of the zoning ordinance diagnosis and next steps.

There was a brief discussion updating the Board on the Scales Amenity Center site plan revision.  Planner Sitterle said the pool committee had been in discussions with the developer.  A revised plan was to be presented to all residents in the coming week.  A sketch and details have been sent for inclusion in the Planning Commission’s packet for consideration. 

Alderman Snyder asked about whether staff had received an as-built on the McCord Nolen project.  Alderman Dugger also asked about when the sidewalk and walking trail would be installed.  Ms. Sitterle responded that she would check on the latest as-built and the timing of the installation. 

Engineer Don Swartz was absent, but Ms. Sitterle read a written statement from him regarding three items:  (1) The Creekside Safe Routes to School project is nearing completion; (2) The bids were opened for the Stonebrook Safe Routes to School project.  There were four bids with a wide range of quotes.  The apparent low bidder was C.D. Steger Construction, but an arithmetic error was noted in the bid book.  TDOT will make the final decision on whether to accept C.D. Steger as the low bid; (3) The Sunset Road improvement project is underway.  There are two unresolved right-of-way acquisitions remaining.  One may be resolved with a minor design change.  The second is being handled by the Town Attorney with the Williamson County Board of Education.

There was a question about the funds obligated by Williamson County Schools for the turn lane on Sunset Road.  Counsel Notestine is working with the Associate Superintendent to coordinate a meeting on this and other items.  The easement for Sunset Road has been received.

Alderman Snyder updated the Board regarding the crosswalk on York Road from the Telfair development to the Mill Creek Elementary and Middle School complex.  The developer is required to construct the crosswalk, which should be installed in December or January.  Alderman Felts had a question about the traffic light on Nolensville Road at Williams and York Road.  Mayor Alexander commented that he attended the most recent Williamson County Highway Commission meeting.  Mayor Alexander relayed to the members that there are two existing traffic studies recommending a traffic signal at that location.  The Commission requested results from a spot safety study, which is currently being conducted by Blake Turner.  When those results are available, the Mayor will return to the County to present the details.  The developer of Summerlyn and the developer for Telfair and the Henry Property have already committed to help finance the traffic light, but additional financial assistance is needed.  Given the location on the state route and proximity to the schools, the Town plans to request help from the State of Tennessee and Williamson County.

Fire Chief Brian Moat delivered his monthly report for the Nolensville Volunteer Fire Department.  Activity is up about 15% from last year.  The department is planning their public education schedule and will work to reach as many groups as possible based on their staff.  Moat said he has reached a standstill on the fire hydrant maintenance issue.  He has been trying for weeks just to get a map with locations of all the hydrants so he can evaluate what it will take to provide testing and maintenance.  The water department has not provided such a map.  Administrator McLawhon replied that the Town would communicate with NCGUD, but that historically they have been slow to respond.  Alderman Patrick expressed his frustration with the progress on this issue.

Police Chief Roddy Parker presented his monthly report, including criminal activity, stop data and crash totals.  All details are on the Town website under the Police Department tab.  Traffic stops and citations went up in August.  Following his report, Chief Parker introduced reserve officer Ali Hemyari, who has eight years of experience as a reserve officer.  He operates his own business called Nashville K-9 and will be doing K-9 demonstrations for various groups.  Cops and Coffee will be held on September 25th at Mama’s Java at around 8:00 a.m.  Parker also mentioned detective Christine Gillman’s bilingual skills have been highly beneficial on recent cases, and she was recently covered on a local newscast.

Public Works Director Bryan Howell presented his monthly report.  A tractor leak caused soil contamination, requiring mitigation by an outside company.  This service increased supply costs for the month, but staff was able to repair the tractor at minimal expense.  Howell also mentioned he understood that Nolensville College Grove Utility District was obligated to pay for a road repair at Summerlyn and Nolensville which was the result of damage from a water leak.  Public Works has been mowing the right of way on Nolensville Road, and a company has been hired to clear drains.  Collier Engineering is working on getting a quote for repairing Rocky Fork Road.  The department has recently hired a new full-time employee.  

Alderman Dugger mentioned that the Historic Zoning Commission met on August 30th, regarding some revisions to the exterior of the E&B Coffee Roasters. 

On behalf of the Town Events Committee, Alderman Snyder said the Veteran’s Day Parade and Breakfast will be Saturday, November 10th.  The North Pole Experience will be Tuesday, December 4th at the the historic Rec Center.

There was no report for the Trees and Trails Committee.

Next, Mayor Alexander introduced the consent agenda, consisting of Resolution 18-24, a resolution releasing The Jones Company of Tennessee from maintenance bonding for roads and public improvements within Whitney Park Phase 1.  Mayor Alexander moved to approve the consent agenda, seconded by Alderman Snyder. 

At 8:12 p.m., Mayor Alexander opened a public hearing on Ordinance 18-10, an ordinance to amend article 2.2.13 of Zoning Ordinance #04-09 of the Town of Nolensville, Tennessee pertaining to the commercial regional (CR) district.  The Mayor mentioned there had been discussion on first reading about revisions to the ordinance at the second reading.  There were no public comments, so the hearing was closed at 8:12 p.m.

Mayor Alexander commented on Resolution 18-25, a resolution accepting partial funding of a Nashville Area Metropolitan Active Transportation Program grant funding preliminary engineering and design work for the historic district street improvement project in Nolensville, Tennessee.  The project would begin at Old Clovercroft Road and extend north.  The State of Tennessee has notified the Town that they are planning to widen the bridge at Stonebrook Boulevard and install a sidewalk, so there is a good possibility that the improvements with the grant could extend north to Stonebrook.  Ms. Anna Emerson of the Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) provided some details on the grant funding and took questions regarding the termini.  The MPO will work with the Town to get the best results possible for the available funding.  The current grant, however, is for design and preliminary engineering only.  Administrator McLawhon clarified that the local match of $125,000.00 would be accounted for with a budget amendment.  Mayor Alexander moved to approve Resolution 18-25, seconded by Alderman Snyder.  Upon a vote, the approval passed unanimously.

The Mayor then moved to approve Resolution 18-26, a resolution adopting a consultant selection policy for projects funded in whole or in part with funds provided by the Federal Highway Administration or the Tennessee Department of Transportation.  Alderman Felts seconded the motion.  Town Planner Sitterle explained this is a housekeeping procedure required by the State of Tennessee.  The motion passed by unanimous vote.

The Mayor adjourned the meeting at 8:23 p.m.

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