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2017-06 BOMA Meeting Minutes 


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Town of Nolensville
Board of Mayor and Aldermen Meeting
Date: June 1, 2017 Time 7:00 p.m.
Nolensville Town Hall, 7218 Nolensville Road

Mayor Jimmy Alexander opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.  Board members present:  Mayor Alexander, Aldermen Tommy Dugger, Larry Felts, Jason Patrick and Brian Snyder.  Staff present: Administrator Ken McLawhon, Counsel Robert Notestine, Town Engineer Don Swartz, Planner Sarah Sitterle, and Recorder Kali Mogul.  There were 19 citizens present.

Alderman Larry Felts said the prayer and led the Pledge of Allegiance. 

There were no citizen comments.

Alderman Felts moved to approve the minutes from the Board meeting of May 4, 2017, seconded by Alderman Dugger.  The motion passed unanimously.

Mayor Alexander made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report through April, 2017, seconded by Alderman Patrick.  When the vote was taken, the approval passed unanimously.


Town Planner Sarah Sitterle reported on behalf of the Planning Department and Planning Commission.  Rough drafts of the comprehensive plan and trails map are complete.  Submittals considered at the May Planning Commission meeting were:

* Sherwood Green Estates Phases 5 and 6 final plats, approved
* Asher Phase 2 preliminary plat, approved
* Burkitt Commons final plat, deferred

Town Engineer Don Swartz provided updates on the following:
* The Creekside Safe Route to School plan is under review with TDOT, while the Stonebrook Safe Route to School has been resubmitted after advised changes were made.
* Construction on the Small Town Connections greenway is underway with no major hiccups.
* The Sunset Road redesign has resulted in fewer required right-of-way acquisitions.  There are only 28 acquisitions now required as opposed to 46.
* Work on York Road will likely take place sometime in July.

Some discussion took place about the ponding at Stonebrook and Johnson Industrial, which should be reduced with the construction work on the Small Town Connections trail system.  There was also discussion of the speed study recently conducted on Nolensville Road between People’s State Bank and the northern Town Limits.

On behalf of the Nolensville Volunteer Fire Department, Chief Keith Rosenberry introduced Mr. Brian Moat, the new president of the Nolensville Volunteer Fire Department and reported statistics for May.

Police Chief Troy Huffines gave his monthly management report for May.  He introduced intern for the Police Department, Ms. Lewis.

Mr. Kyle Billingsley presented a report for the Public Works Department.  He detailed the major expense for the department, which was for a Bobcat rental to spread gravel at the Public Works building.  Two AED cabinets have been installed, and staff training will be June 8th.   

No report for the Historic Zoning Commission.

On behalf of the Town Events Committee, Ms. Suzanne Honeycutt gave an update on the Star Spangled Celebration planned for July 1, 2017.   

Ms. Jana Truman represented the Trees and Trails Committee.  The committee would like to hold an “open house” and have the trails map available when the new pedestrian bridge is opened to the public.  Alderman Snyder offered to help coordinate with a short Trees and Trails video to post on the Town’s Facebook page.

Mayor Alexander then made a motion to approve the consent agenda, including Resolution 17-08, a resolution to release Grove Park Partners, LLC from maintenance bonding for roads and public improvements within Benington Phase 6 and Resolution 17-09, a resolution appointing town personnel co-treasurers.  Alderman Dugger seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Administrator McLawhon gave a final review of the annual budget, followed by Mayor Alexander’s motion to approve, on second reading, Ordinance 17-06, an ordinance adopting a budget for fiscal year July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018.  Alderman Patrick seconded the motion.  Alderman Dugger asked that the administrator and finance director request an interest rate increase on the debt service account with People’s State Bank.  After a brief discussion, the motion passed unanimously.

Next, Mayor Alexander introduced Finance Director Julie Wilson, who briefly presented her professional background.  She then went on to provide explanation of Ordinance 17-08, an ordinance to amend budget ordinance 16-04 for fiscal year July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017.  After a short discussion, Alderman Dugger moved to approve the ordinance on first reading, seconded by Mayor Alexander.  The approval passed unanimously.

Mayor Alexander then made a motion to approve Resolution 17-11, a resolution to approve an addendum to an existing contract with Ragan-Smith Associates, Incorporated and authorize the use of funds for Sunset Road Improvements.  Alderman Felts seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. 

Alderman Snyder moved to approve Resolution 17-12, a resolution to enter into a contract with WAKM Radio and authorize the use of funds for a fireworks display and radio promotion of Nolensville’s Star Spangled Celebration.  He explained the 19-minute firework display detailed in the contract and how this time frame was determined.  Alderman Patrick seconded the motion, and the approval passed unanimously.

There were 26 residential building permits issued in May.  Mayor Alexander mentioned the Star Spangled Celebration on July 1st.  The Report of Debt Obligation on the refunding of Town Hall was presented in the BOMA packet.

The Mayor adjourned the meeting at 7:57 p.m.

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