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2019-05 BOMA Meeting Minutes 

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Town of Nolensville
Board of Mayor and Aldermen Meeting
Date: May 2, 2019 Time 7:00 p.m.
Nolensville Town Hall, 7218 Nolensville Road


Mayor Jimmy Alexander opened the meeting at 7:02 p.m.  Board members present:  Mayor Alexander, Aldermen Derek Adams, Tommy Dugger, Larry Felts, and Jason Patrick.  Staff present: Town Planner Sarah Sitterle, Counsel Bob Notestine, and Recorder Kali Mogul.  There were 74 citizens present.

Alderman Larry Felts led the prayer and pledge of allegiance.

Mr. Robert Hatcher of 1010 Austin Court thanked Vice Mayor Patrick for the video about the fire chief.  He is concerned about the process for hiring a new town administrator and whether those duties also encompass those of the proposed public information officer.

Alderman Felts then moved to approve the minutes of the Board meeting of April 4th, 2019, seconded by Alderman Dugger. The motion passed unanimously.

Mayor Alexander made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report through March 2019, seconded by Alderman Patrick and approved unanimously. 


Town Planner Sarah Sitterle reported on behalf of the Planning Department and Planning Commission. 
At the April 9th Planning Commission meeting, action was taken on the following items:
* Nolensville Veterinary Clinic site plan expansion, approved
* Henry Property Phases 1 and 2 final PUD plans and preliminary plats, approved
* Greenbrook South sketch plan reviewed, and comments given, no action required
* Greenbrook North final plat, approved
* Cortner final plat, deferred
* Hillside Center Master Signage plan, approved
* Wheeler’s Raid Change of Use site plan, approved

At the next Planning Commission meeting, workshop meeting dates will be established to review the draft update of the zoning ordinance.  

Alderman Patrick read a written statement prepared by Town Engineer Don Swartz:  The Rocky Fork Road repair and rehabilitation project will begin after the end of the school year.  The cable contractor is working on moving their lines to new poles on Sunset Road.  That should be completed by May 10th, which will allow Jarrett to begin constructing the new north lanes.  Then, the traffic pattern will be shifted to the north so that work can begin on the south lanes.  Collier Engineering has a representative in attendance to answer questions regarding Item #12, which is a contract amendment.  There was a question regarding the intersection of York Road and Nolensville Road.  The developer of the Parman Henry property is responsible for a portion of the signalization.  Alderman Dugger suggested that the Town proceed with engineering.

Mr. Tom Seyfried introduced new Fire Chief Adam Spencer presented his monthly report for calls in April.  He noted the total hours served by volunteers.  Training will be a priority in 2019.  Spencer said he had discussed markers on the hydrants, but he would like to have the hydrants color-coded instead.  The paint would identify the hydrants based on the flow, and this helps the firefighters tremendously.

Police Chief Roddy Parker congratulated the new fire chief.  He then presented his monthly report, including criminal activity, stop data and crash totals.  He reviewed the hours worked by officers and detective, detailed training hours, and noted 123 hours served by the reserve officers.  Nolensville Police Department and all emergency agencies are now on Williamson County’s digital radio system, which allows the various departments and organizations to talk to each other and ensures officer safety. 

Mr. Kyle Billingsley reported for the Public Works department. He began by explaining and apologizing to residents who had their high school graduation signs picked up over the weekend.  In March, the Board discussed the growing problems of illegal signs placed around town.  Since then, a Public Works employee has been working on the weekends to remove illegal signs. Billingsley said that the high school graduation signs should not have been subject to removal, but the employee working did not receive that direction.  Nine graduation signs were, in fact, picked up.  Mr. Billingsley took responsibility for the miscommunication and apologized for the embarrassing situation.  By 2:15 p.m. the last signs departed Town Hall to their respective yards.  Next, Billingsley delivered his report by detailing expenses and man hours spent.  Upcoming projects include drainage cleaning at 705 and 709 Honors Court and crosswalk marking installation at Jobe Trail and Bent Creek Trace.  The team will also rebuild the fence at the trail head.  Mr. Billingsley has reached out to two different contacts at TDOT regarding the Adopt-A-Highway program but has not yet heard back from anyone.  He will continue this effort.

There was no report for the Historic Zoning Commission.

Ms. Suzanne Honeycutt reported for the Town Events Committee. The committee needs volunteers for the Star-Spangled Celebration

Ms. Kelley Crummitt reported for the Trees and Trails Committee.  A Girl Scout presented her silver award project to the Committee, which is a book barn at the Trail Head parking lot near the bench.  The “take a book/leave a book” site will be called the “Bennett Book Barn.”  The Trees and Trails Committee may help by supplying some children’s books about nature.  Ms. Crummitt said she has engaged with the Public Works Department to have the wood on the bridge sealed.  She also asked about mulching and weeding in the trail area.  Public Works Director Kyle Billingsley said his department spent two hours weeding at the site earlier in the day.  Alderman Patrick asked about the sidewalk connection from Brittain Downs to the Sunset School campus. The connection was supposed to have been installed with the Safe Routes to School project on Stonebrook.  Because the SRTS was delayed, so the connection was not installed at that time.  Mayor Alexander noted that Town Engineer Don Swartz had been in contact with Williamson County Schools about installing the connection when the auditorium addition is constructed.

Next, Mayor Alexander moved to approve the consent agenda, which included Resolution 19-07, a resolution to declare as contraband certain property seized by the Nolensville Police Department and provide the authority to dispose of said inventory by exchange between the police department and a licensed, qualified firearms dealer.  Alderman Patrick seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

At 7:43 p.m., Mayor Alexander opened a public hearing of Ordinance 19-06 as amended, an ordinance to approve the Rocky Fork Road master concept P.U.D. plan in Nolensville, Tennessee and rezone the property suburban residential with a P.U.D. overlay (SR/P.U.D.).

Mr. Bob Hayes of 2384 Rocky Fork Road said that he and his wife oppose the deceleration lane that was requested by the Board since the traffic study did not indicate it was needed.  The deceleration lane would eliminate the traffic calming effect of turning vehicles.  The left turning vehicles headed east would have to cross two lanes of traffic.  He also noted the cost of the deceleration lane was prohibitive. 

Ms. Diane DelChiaro of 1380 Creekside Drive requested a heavier buffer strip between her yard and the new neighborhood.  Her lot is on the last house next to the proposed development.

Mr. Bradley Field of 1712 Kirkpark Court requested a speed hump in addition to the speed mitigating island where Kirkpark Court connects to the new development.

Ms. Kelley Crummitt of 400 Ramblewood Lane and the Trees and Trails Committee pointed out that a sidewalk is proposed at the connection to Ballenger Farms, and she believes a 10-foot multi-modal path should be installed instead.  Most of the children in the new neighborhood would likely attend Nolensville Elementary School and may have the opportunity to walk to school.  A trail would be beneficial to parents pushing strollers.

Ms. Nicole Miller of 752 Cowan Drive thanked the Board for approving the amended plan that does not include a street connection to Ballenger Drive.  She said that walking on the sidewalks in Ballenger Farms is difficult because people park their cars over them, and the driveways are short.  Residents often must walk in the street. 

Ms. Melissa Spaid of 1383 Creekside Drive thanked the Board for listening to the concerns of the Creekside connector.

With no other comments, Mayor Alexander closed the public hearing at 7:55 p.m.

At 7:56 p.m. the Mayor opened a public hearing on Ordinance 19-07, an ordinance of the Town of Nolensville, Tennessee adopting a budget for fiscal year July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020. 

Ms. Heather Bates of 1916 Pomegranate Place stated she is concerned about the proposed budget as it relates to the Fire Department.  She said waiting for another fire study to be completed is unacceptable.  Steps can be taken now, including paying for a full-time fire chief.  She said there is no need for a public information officer.  She asked for an update on the search committee for a new Town Administrator.

Ms. Caitlin Luszczek of 6037 Christmas Drive presented her opinions regarding the proposed fiscal year budget.  Two of her items of concern were (a) the percent increases for other departments in contrast to the 2.5 percent increase for the fire department; (b) and revenue versus expenses.  She cited various accounts in the budget explaining to the Board their balances and how money flows in and out of them.  Finally, Ms. Luszczek stated that the Board has the ability to spend money from the general fund to put toward the fire department.

With no other comments, the Mayor closed the public hearing at 8:16 p.m. 

Mayor Alexander then moved to approve on first reading Ordinance 19-08, an ordinance of the Town of Nolensville, Tennessee amending budget ordinance #18-05 for fiscal year July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019, seconded by Alderman Felts.  Alderman Adams requested an explanation of the amendment.  Finance Director Julie Wilson explained that additional funds were needed by codes/planning/engineering for commercial plans review; planning requested additional funds for an on-call arborist to review subdivision and commercial landscape installation as well as for storm water review; and public works required additional resources to cover the labor on the upgrade of the Williamson County communication network, for removal of contaminated oil from the leak on the New Holland tractor, for repair on the HVAC blower, and for a roof repair.  Some of the funding can be absorbed by using money from other accounts.  One additional item, the road study requested by BOMA for core samples on the five major roads, is also included in the budget amendment.  When a vote was called, the motion passed unanimously.

The mayor then moved to approve Resolution 19-08, amending an agreement with Collier Engineering, Incorporated for construction, engineering, and inspection services.   Alderman Patrick seconded the motion.  Mr. Jason Deal of Collier Engineering represented the proposal.  There were questions about the method for analyzing the samples.  Deal clarified that the Rocky Fork Road samples could be taken first since that road is under contract for repair and rehabilitation.  A recap was given on the scenario that unfolded with Sunset Road—originally a visual inspection was made on Sunset Road, and the thought was the road could simply be repaved for about $300,000.00.  After core samplings, it was determined that the entire road needed to be rebuilt.  The cost for that project rose to nearly ten million dollars.  Therefore, it is critical that this study is completed, so that the Board understands the cost to pay for any repairs or rehabilitation on the five roads: Rocky Fork Road, Sam Donald Road, York Road, Kidd Road and Clovercroft Road.  When the vote was taken, the motion passed unanimously.

Mayor Alexander reported that 53 new residential permits were approved in the month of April.

Alderman Adams asked about the sign for Brothers Burger.  They are asking for four signs, but the zoning ordinance allows three signs.  Counsel Notestine said that the previous business owner at that location put up an extra sign without permission. The current owner would simply need to apply to the BZA for a variance to add a fourth sign.

Adams congratulated Elmer and Anna Hill on the recent Art for the Heart event.  He also asked about whether there had been any progress finding a new Town Administrator.  Alderman Patrick said there had been a conversation with someone about some direction to make the process smoother.  Alderman Dugger asked for the budget to be added to the June workshop agenda.

Mayor Alexander noted that the Town is in search of someone to handle the live streaming of meetings.  Alderman Adams volunteered to help find someone to provide the service. 

The Mayor adjourned the meeting at 8:40 p.m.

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